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The Art and Science of Seasonal Cleansing

The Art and Science of Seasonal Cleansing


Our intention for this document is to help you understand the importance of detoxification, cleansing, and voluntary austerity/restriction for higher levels of health.

The Health Alkemy system is to cleanse regularly. How much is enough we might ask? That depends on how sick we are, how much we are suffering, and how long since our last cleanse. If we’ve never done a cleanse, and find ourselves with Cancer, we suggest reading our document about Degeneration and its stages.

Degeneration can be addressed, and even potentially reversed in some cases by cleansing. So if you’ve never cleansed we suggest doing a 21 day 4 times a year, in each season. Why? Because there is a circadian rhythm to the body, to all of life actually. And each season certain organs, tissues, and areas of the body are more active, so to speak, and we get more progress by cleansing the area most active. It means less effort and more progress!

By cleansing seasonally, these areas can be decongested, repaired in some cases, and in others stabilized. These areas are:

  • Liver/Gall Bladder and the lymph going into the liver and fat digestion
  • Small Intestine and its Portal Veins, Heart, and Circulatory system and its vessels
  • Spleen, Pancreas, Stomach
  • Large Intestine and its Portal Veins, Lungs and Respiratory System
  • Kidney, Bladder, Urinary system

Note that your cleanse will have one of these systems as a theme to focus on. Or we might have pointed out in your Report of Findings from our office an area that is in need of support, repair, decongesting, cool down, heat up, moisten, dry out, and more.

Resources (Recipes)

keep in mind ingredients within cleanse parameters as these recipes are general, but mainly within cleansing if not doing deep challenges.

To simplify cleaning, we will state it as a way to decongest, carry toxins out and/or transform them, alter the blood, alter the lymph, alter even the spinal fluids (which BTW detoxifies differently than the rest of the body). Ways we CAN cleanse, and we get asked often, “can I just do it with food?” The answer is yes, AND no. Craig has seen those who work with food only and do not invest in supplements, and herbs, often have to work much harder than those who do. But this list shows us simple ways we can “cleanse” with food only or our own resources.

  • Intermittent Fasting:  
    • Eating food only 8 AM to 2 PM is what I feel best Intermittent eating
    • Skipping eating and making the body and intestines rest is the gold standard – but eating when “convenient” especially in this system can slow progress as our digestive system works best 8 AM to 2 PM. Eating later into the evening in any case means it’s sitting in our gut causing more rot at night. Many people come to us doing a 12 Noon eating to 6 PM or 8 PM. We feel this is not nearly as effective as getting food in earlier in the day. But the value is still there if dinner is light and at least 3 hours before bed.
  • Liquid Diets: 
    • Water fasts are most effective and you will need to rest – do not care how strong you think you are, the strong often fall due to arrogance, as Craig can attest to.
    • Juice fasts are great in warm weather.
    • Soups and broths, and bone broths are great in cold weather and help the gut lining heal. This is the basis of the GAPS Intro Diet
    • Herbal teas and special preparations can be used
  • Elimination Diets:  see our program called Figure It Out for Yourself
    • The basis is Eliminating foods down to only a few or more we know we feel good on.
    • Some of the most common single food Mono diets are: Carrots, grapes, raw milk, brown rice, bone broth, chia seeds, see us for exploring something you might try
    • We use this in conjunction with Coca Food Allergy Pulse Testing
    • And the trick is to journal, keep track of every food, journal how one feels after (See Adjusting Dietary Ratios document provided), and eliminate the foods we know we must for usually 3-4 weeks minimum. Then we add back and observe how we feel after eating them.
  • There are many types of these diet programs:
    • GAPS
    • low FODMAP
    • Food Allergy recommendation
    • SIBO diets
    • Histamine Diet plans
    • Mono diets – grapes, carrots, raw potatoes, brown rice, a few examples
    • Raw Milk Diet
    • many others
  • Eating only RAW foods
    • Some people will naturally start detoxifying on raw foods, however, the gut lining must be in good shape and no digestive symptoms
    • Can include raw veggies, raw fruit AND for some in low energy/vitality might include raw meats, fish, dairy, dairy ferments like kefir or yogurt.
    • Can also include sprouted legumes, grains, seeds, but not nuts usually
  • Colon irrigation – enemas, colonics, Suppositories, massage of the abdomen
  • Fasting – see Cleanse Challenges for those
    • However fasting, if done properly – by resting, staying quiet, moving a few times a day for good lymph flow, and doing it mindfully – can begin the process of cell regeneration
    • Calcutta University in 1933 did a study, cited by Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi, that human cells begin to regenerate after 72 hours of fasting…we feel it could even start sooner than that. Resting the organs, the digestive tract, the body, the mind, the emotions are incredibly helpful for recovery from ANY health problem.
    • However, those who are very underweight, have severe blood sugar issues, have a medical condition requiring medications should speak with their MD and our team about modifying any cleanse or fast
Ways to Use Our Cleanse
  • Just follow the Basic Food Chart, and take your recommended Herbs and Supplements. (this is good for beginners to gain confidence first few times)
  • Or – add in some of the Level I challenges – see cleanse packet
  • Add in the Weekly Special Foods – chose a few every day.
  • Add-in some of the Weekly Special Procedures
  • Add-in some of the Level I Challenges
  • Maybe plan on doing all Level I Challenge
  • Add-in Level II Challenges and does all Level I Challenges
  • Skip Dinners and eat only 8 AM to 4 PM
  • Or have Liquid Diet Dinner
  • Try a simple enema with one-quart warm water and 1tbsp Celtic salt or two bags of chamomile tea in one-quart water. Give feedback! How did it go?
    • Topical clays, herbs – see us

sweating via exercise, sauna, sweat lodge, other…

  • If going deeper into cleansing – YOU MUST REST MORE
  • Highest level
  • Water Fasting one to five days
  • Liquid Diet – full days, how many can you do?
  • Raw food only – how many days can you?
  • Sitting in Silence, meditating during time off
  • Restorative Yoga on Fasting Days
  • Do ALL Three Levels of Challenges every day
  • Enemas– self-administered
  • Colonics– administered by an expert

One way to access deeper states of clarity, energy, and satisfaction, is to eat and drink as simply as possible. To start a “cleansing” protocol with herbs, food, and lifestyle changes, keep in mind that moving into it slowly may offer the most satisfying, yet least painful experience. The downside is it takes longer but will stick with you longer also. Below are ideas, tried and true, that can help with the transition into cleansing.

To begin: do not drink coffee, black tea (Green tea or yerba mate allowed), sugars, alcohol, flesh foods (for some, an exception can be made here – see me), fried or cooked oils, any prepared foods, refined salt, flour products.

Try breathing exercises and get more cardio workouts (2-3 per week for 20-30 minutes).

Next Steps to stop: Late night eating (after 6 pm), Refined salts, Flesh foods (with exceptions – see me), Pasteurized dairy foods, All sweeteners (stevia is ok, and check with me if raw honey is ok), Refined sugars, Cigarettes, Narcotic herb/drugs, Overworking.

Tests We Use to Help You Determine Your Cleanse:

  • Pupil reflex – response and ability to stay contracted, and Histamine scratch test – over-response test
  • Raglands/Orthostatic blood pressure – adrenal strength, ability to meet stress
  • PH testing – best tests are the lemon one, and veggies all day, check ph next morning
  • Bowel motility – eat beets, or an unchewed seed, wait and see for bowel change, should be 18-24 hours
  • Sclera and tongue checks – shows us tissue status
  • Extreme bitters tolerance and/or parasite bitters to check for toxic bile affecting the GI tract
  • Elimination diets – leave out offending food for 21 days, then add back and observe energy and symptoms

Easy ways to get your body ready to cleanse:

  • Skip dinners
  • Eat only liquids certain days, or eat pureed foods
  • Raw food only for a number of days
  • 5 days off, two days on special cleansing protocol
  • Broths and soups only – warm liquids
  • Raw beet salad
  • Laxatives for those whose bowels move only once per day – aloe vera, triphala, cascara sagrada, psyllium, smooth move teas, raw veggies, see constipation handout, bitters for some, raw beets or cooked, prunes
  • Extra mineral rich foods – raw greens, seaweeds, roots, ocean fish, egg yolks, butter
  • Dry skin brush every morning to loosen up lymphatics near skin, and stimulate circulation
  • Oil pulling therapy
  • Drink two large glasses of water right out of bed, ways to incorporate: heat up in tea, take an AM fiber blend with warm water, take supplements, use the sole salt drink (1tsp sole salt or ¼ tsp Celtic in one cup water), use apple cider vinegar drink (2-3tsp in one cup water), umeboshi plum drink (1 plum with tsp fresh ginger juice in 2 cups hot water)




Were goals achieved? Let’s ask ourselves? Did we set SMART goals? Did we even look at what that is? Did we challenge ourselves too much?

Reactions – how many bodies, minds, emotional reactions did we have? Did we try the Level II Challenge for Taking Personal Inventory?

Observations: what changed for us? Good? Bad? Where did we go numb, OCD, PTSD, anxiety, or others?

Where and when did we feel joy, and light, and clear?

Stories: please share your story with us, with family, friends, as this is the way to heal ourselves and the world.

Where do we want to go from here?

  • Eating simply one or only a few new foods at a time, no big meals, carrots are easy and balanced, cooked greens, miso soup, avoid flours and refined foods of all sorts for a few days.
  • Use Future “Insert your name” Veto! Ask your Future Self if the problems later after eating a tempting food is worth days of suffering for a few minutes of eating enjoyment?
  • Get Support! Ask for help, text or call, or email when tempted to “go back.”

How Cleansing Can Improve Your Health and Energize You

  • Improve Your Digestion
  • How Digestion is Improved = less congestion/waste/stagnation
  • Absorb More Nutrients
  • How Absorption Happens = more surface area and cells to absorb the good stuff
    • Absorption happens when food molecules are broken down small enough to pass through the inner wall of your intestines into your blood or lymph. Cleansing the digestive system of old waste and hardened mucus provides an unclogged surface and restores the lining’s integrity. A healthy, clean and intact lining assures maximum absorption of nutrients for more energy and vitality.*
  • Establish Better Elimination*
  • More Mental Clarity & Focus*
  • Reduce Cravings & Food Dependencies*
  • Less Body, Breath Odors*
  • Less Gas, Flatulence*
  • Less Bloating; Flatter Stomach*
  • Less White or Coated Tongue*
  • Better Appearance*
  • Clearer Skin*
  • Eyes more white, iris and sclera

Purification, Chelation, and Detoxification (Use the charts below to help navigate your way through cleansing.)


First common type: You may need opposite

Most Americans eat too much Carbohydrate-rich foods (grains, beans, veggies, fruits, prepared foods, snacks, sweeteners, and milk. At Health Alkemy we use the power of doing something different, something of the opposite. Our cleanses are designed to be low carbohydrate for some, and for others we want only whole grains, legumes, root veggies raw mostly, even some raw honey. We focus on just enough protein, raw fats/oily foods, vegetables and fruit, sea vegetables, and herbs. Fruit should be left out of any cleanse someone wants to lose weight.

Eat less than 100 grams of carbohydrate foods a day, and see how well you might feel. Eat mostly raw, eat some animal protein to slow a cleanse or eat it raw. Good cleansing veggie proteins are mushrooms for some, avocado, chia, flax, hemp, watermelon seeds (Go Raw), nettles, bee pollen nutritional yeast. Raw eggs, kefir, yogurt are also excellent animal vegetarian proteins fit for cleansing for some.


Second common type: You may need opposite

If we usually eat light before noon and eat lunch and dinner mainly…

Then try starting a “cleanse” with ending your first days food by 4 pm…

Then the next day your eating window is 8 AM to 2 PM… must fast on herbal teas, and vegetable juices the rest of the day until the next morning 8 AM. Do this for three days minimum to feel its power.


Third common type: You may need opposite

If we usually eat heavy and need heavier buttery fatty protein-rich fare then one way to cleanse is to eat low-fat juice-based meals most of the day but have an earlier meal (8 AM to Noon) of butter and protein rich easy-to-digest food. Pates would work, fish eggs, raw oysters, raw fermented or marinated fish. Soups/stews done in bone broth with lots of meat and fat and vegetables at least 50% of the volume. Cook Kombu seaweed into the stew.

Fourth Common Type: You DO need opposite if doing this a long long time

Stimulant in the morning – sedation in evening

Solution = Do the opposite in morning, have a cup of Dandy Blend or Teechino with nerve friendly herbs, and in evening try some helpful foods/herbs:

  • lettuces all leafy types
  • celery
  • endive
  • prunes
  • chamomile
  • spearmint
  • Tulsi (holy basil)
  • ashwagandha with Rehmannia for those with elevated cortisol in evening
  • Do not overeat carbohydrates – this will help greatly

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