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Health Classes In Person

Health Alkemy Classes/Events

These are hosted by Craig Lane (unless otherwise stated) – RSVP for address
You can host any of these Class Themes at home! Contact me at [email protected]

Sinus Spray Medicine Making

$30-$50 sliding scale – location given once registered

By popular demand, my Nose Spray / Nebulizer mix will be a workshop on how to make some for yourself.
 A three hour workshop  on how to keep your sinuses open, how the gut relates to sinus health, how hidden infections run so many health problems.
Learn about “the drip effect” Craig talks about.  This is where poison “bug poop” or heavy metals like mercury, or hidden infections, inflammation can cause or aggravate gut problems.  How?  Learn more at the class.
Learn how “cell types” are the same in gut as the linings of the sinuses.

GO HERE TO SIGN UP- the next class TBD but will be before Oct. 31.

Foundations Dinner Class Series

learn more about Health Alkemy Four Foundations Here

Check the offerings below, each Health Foundation must be working for us to have higher levels of health beyond “symptom free.”  These classes can be offered to YOU – or your group or attend one of mine.
These are offered locally in Santa Cruz CA, Bay Area, and also can teach anywhere in California – by request.
They are offered yearly, and some more than once a year.
Times vary but usually weekends 6-9PM (will go later for those wanting more time)
Location/s/Dates: TBD
Once you sign up you will get a link to the class.
Cost $50 person (plus cost of food) and need ten people for class requests

Foundation III/IV Class

Detoxification, Decongesting, and Drainage

Time – TBD
Location/s/Dates: TBD

Once you sign up you will get a link to the class.
Cost $50​ per person
Please call 831-325-4402 – leave message.
Or email [email protected] for more information and for payment to class.

A delicious dinner is part of this evening.
​In this class attendees can walk away with all this:​​

  • Know for certain their Metabolic Type – to know what kind of proteins to eat, how much and what type of carbohydrates, and amounts and type of fats/oils.  This means better mood, more energy, easier weight loss, less sickness, and clearer mind.
  • Know how important for each of us to eat the right ratio of raw food to cooked, how to eat seasonally, and amounts of veggies to calorie rich foods and how this affects detoxification.  Learn how raw foods nd which ones help an which ones do not.
  • Know how important food breakdown and assimilation is very important so detoxification occurs well.  Learn how digestion (foundation 2) affects congestion, toxicity, mood, energy levels, and more.
  • See for yourself how well your detoxification, and drainage mechanisms affect digestion, food breakdown, and making of new tissue.  For example learn insights like how a slow/sluggish large intestine can cause/aggravate appetite, nausea, and stomach function.
  • Learn insights about the gut lining, the gut anatomy, the microbes that live in these “apartments” called you.  The microbes that live in us are another important takeaway.  Microbial waste is a major source of nutrients AND toxicity, learn more.
  • Learn the Five Toxicities and how to manage your body with them.
  • Learn easy non-oral detox methods, and ways to increase bowel movements (or slow down!), sweating, managing urine and why its important, breathing (very important drainage channel), and your secretions like saliva, and more.

In this class we will explore these things:

  • Different types of meals, more or less raw, seasonal variations, how to eat when we need to focus on detoxification and drainage.
    • Making and enjoying a probiotic soda – full of nutrients, gut helpful bugs, and minerals/electrolytes of highest quality
    • Fruit chutney – probiotics
    • Apple Cider Vinegar and all its miracles
    • How and when to eat raw/rare meats and fish
    • Sauerkraut – an easy one to make and use
    • Vegetables and sauces, a few easy ideas and a recipe booklet – when to eat raw, when to fast, when and what to eat.
    • Dessert and dessert “herbal coffee” and herbal “mocktails” will have you wondering why you ever wanted to drink alcohol?
  • The next few days after the class Craig will be offering private sessions to go deeper and establish patterns of change.
    • There will be a group cleanse (group participation optional).  Attendees can join this cleanse for $249 instead of the regular price $299 with a 30 minute consultation.  
    • Chose to go deep on this cleanse or try a simple 7-10 days.
  • Go to bottom of this page for links to lab work (only $35) and information to make your experience more efficient.
    • I highly suggest doing lab work before and after cleanses to see what happened and what got stirred up.
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