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Health Journey Support and Inspiration Group

Imagine being stuck.  Stuck on an ongoing illness and you do not know what to do?  Or a dear family member or friend is suffering and they need help.  Not the medical type of “help” where they will be medicated, numbed, measured, and sent away lacking – AGAIN!

Now imagine being part of something growing, organically unforced and the lead person is full of wisdom, compassion, and experience with root level solutions?  Imagine a place you can go to 24/7, leave a message, ask for help, and someone will be there for you often within hours!

This group is already formed!  That is the good news!  There is already support and our weekly meetings are Thursday In Person and Virtual 7-9pm (private and personal need based with discussion topic), and Friday Community Dinner Potluck and Discussion (more public open to anyone).
For those needing medical and or deep health advice, then there is a once a month MasterMind Health Topics Group to support you as needed.


Breathing and exploring the ratios of the fuor parts of the breath

Alternate nostril breath and its deep value

Scans of body, emotions, environment

Choosing better feeling thoughts

Claiming higher health values

Accountability to our goals and our word

Goal setting – realistic

Planning food prep and self-care

Backup plans for illness and accidents and injuries

Exploration of subtle realms – lokhas densities emegies/ chakras / insights from the silence


5 days / week am or pm zoom meetups

2 days /week in person q and a and theme talk

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