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Health is Wholeness - Take Action!


Health Alkemy was started by Craig Lane (BS Nutrition, Busness, Certified Herbalist and Massage Therapist) in the early 2000’s.
Craig has over 20 years full-time experience in health-care involving thousands of happy people.  Craig began his career in 1996 with a very tough cancer case.  She lived over 20 more years.  So began helping the tough health cases that few can or could figure out.
Those who have followed Craig’s protocols have achieved optimal health, longevity, and high quality of life.
Craig invented the term Holistology = how health is connected in our body, our mind, our emotions, and our connection to Nature.


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Vision Statement
Health Alkemy reconnects people with their inherent wholeness and well-being. 
Life is naturally abundant and our job is to align with this force.

Mission Statement
Health Alkemy provides practical guidance, care, accountability support, and fun groups to help people reach optimal wellness.  This is done via education and balancing  current Science and  old Traditional practices.


Fall Health Reset October 8-29

October 8-29 2023
Walk away with easier breathing, more energy, better idea of your food intolerances, and head start for winter health!

client Testimonials


Craig Lane is my nutritionist and massage therapist since 2005. I had pleasure to know him in this life time, for his best work, knowledge and his great personality .Craig is one of my best friend who I not only could receive healing energy from , but also I could trust him enough to share some of my confabulation. Craig has always helped me via his great work and heart. I extremely recommend him to everyone who wishes to feel better in life.

Naghmeh Hunt

Naghmeh Hunt

Assistant Professor of Persian Literature and Language , MA in Art of Education and Curriculum Designer.

Craig is a knowledgeable and experienced professional who deeply cares about his work. Craig’s success comes from a balanced combination of traditional medicine, alternative medicine and spritiual work. I highly respect him and without a doubt recommend him to anyone interested in health and nutrition.

Maria Wayne

Maria Wayne

Vice President of Talent Management and Global Mobility at Equinix
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Statement Of Fact

Health Alkemy is not in commerce. It is a fictional name made up by its’ founder, Craig Lane. Health service is not commerce, it is essential. Anyone who contacts us does so with an implicit agreement that this is not a “business” in commerce. It is not a job. We do not collect “income” but receive fair compensation for services. Call it “donation” if you like.

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