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You received a new message from your online store’s contact form.
​This is a testimonial sent to Claravale raw milk dairy.  My good friends run this operation and this is such a gift to us all.  I do well on raw milk, but its not for everyone.
Testimonial: Yes
Store Name: Mothers market
Store City: Irvine
Name: anonymous
Email: anonymous
Phone Number: anonymous – all info is kept confidential to avoid bothering this person
Background: Permaculture/biological gardening/nutrition
Body:“I want to thank Claravale farm from the depth of my heart. After experimenting with veganism over the years I ended up in a place where I was severely malnourished and underweight. Hair loss, dry skin, cocking joints, facial deformation, insomnia and chronic fatigue were some of the few things that resulted in my 3rd year of following a plant based Vegan diet. I tried nourishing myself and bringing myself back to life by reintroducing raw milk, eggs and cooked meat into my diet and the results were not what I expected. The dairy I was consuming was raw milk from organic pastures, which is great but I found I could not tolerate it beyond a certain threshold and it gave me migraines. Earlier this year I came across Raw jersey milk from caravel farms. Upon the first sip I felt as if food has descended to me from the heavens. I cried in awe and wonder and immediately asked my girlfriend to take a sip and she as well was amazed at the immediate sense of nourishment and fulfillment. I have since put on 10 pounds and am continuing to put on the weight. My skins moisture has returned, the hair loss has subsided and thickened up, my facial structure has regenerated to a size and shape I never had, my insomnia is gone, and I have energy again to live a happy life with purpose and passion. Thank you guys so much for this wonderful life giving food. May all be happy and healthy. If at all possible I would love to come visit this farm if possible. Due to your product I am very inspired to homestead soon and bring in jersey cows. I will be attending The permaculture research institute this summer in Australia where I hope to learn more about animal husbandry and milking dairy cows. Thank you all again, to everyone who makes this product available to fellow Californians,

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A Crazy Bowel Story

​So the story started about a year ago when you first sent me some PDF files about enemas and I was reading sites and watching YouTube videos.  I started by buying a 2 quart red rubber enema bag and I really didn’t know what I was doing.  After a few practice sessions over a weekend, I was finally comfortable taking half a bag and then kept practicing until I could take a full bag.  After that, I changed from plain water to coffee and LOVED the energy boost. Eventually, I tried soapsuds and lastly, mineral oil enemas.  They are great for loosening impacted bowels and handling constipation ASAP.  Each type feels a little bit different on the insides, but they all work wonders. 
I had also read about colon tubes and Bardex retention nozzles, which I emailed you about a year ago.  After I was comfortable with capacity and solution, the next step was to try the colon tube.  It’s a little invasive, but it really works wonders at cleaning  the upper colon out, versus a tradition bag-and-hose treatment, which just cleans out the lower colon.  They are completely necessary and I recommend everyone buy and use a colon tube at least weekly.  As for bardex nozzles, those are great when you are trying to take a larger volume, like 3 or 4 quarts, but you are concerned with losing your water before reaching the toilet.  The inflatable bulbs create a seal around the anus and prevent water from escaping.  I was able to retain enemas for upwards of 30 minutes.  These are expensive so not everyone can afford them.
I’m not sure if I am addicted or not, but I do notice that I feel sluggish, bloated, and have a foggy mind if I don’t take at least one enema per day.  I guess there are worse addictions to have in the world, so enemas is probably a better one to have.
The whole experimentation routine took about 2 months and then I had a solid routine at the end of the 4rd month  So when I say I started a year ago, I mean that it didn’t take a full year to see the benefits.  Results were immediate from the very first enema and after a total of 4 months, my life had improved.  These last 8 months have just been maintaining the routine and living life healthy.
A word of caution though.  In the beginning, I was trying to take too much water.   I couldn’t hold it and would immediately void in the toilet.  I’d only stay on the toilet a minute or two when the first couple “whooshes” would come out.  I thought I was done, so I’d get dressed and head out for errands.  Then I’d have a cramp and would lose more water in my pants.  I didn’t understand what was happening.  I ended up buying diapers and rubber pants (sometimes plastic pants) so that if and when I would have an accident, no one would notice the stains in my pants.  I couldn’t figure out what was wrong for the life of me.  It was only when I reduced the volume of enema and spent more time on the toilet that I finally stopped having accidents.  I’m still diapered at night because I do have some loose bowels from medication and fiber I take, but at least I’m not diapered during the day. Also, my friends  didn’t understand why I had a douche bag hanging in my shower.  I got plenty of laughs but I refused to take it down. It’s part of my life and if they don’t understand it, too bad for them.
Craig, please let me know what else you need.  The diapers are a little embarrassing, but as long as my last name isn’t published, I’m not worried about it.  Also, let me know if you need pictures of any of my equipment or supplies I use.

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