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Personal Plant Medcine

Plants are our Partners in Health!

Would you like to learn what plants to grow for your own medicine?
Would you like support in creating the garden for these plants?
Would you like to learn plant medicine?
Health is an experience, not a concept.
We can learn directly from the plants.

  • Some highlights of this program:

    • Identify your top 10-12 plants to help with Foundational Health and for illness support
    • I do this by a thorough intake, exam, assessment, and classes and gatherings for some.  This process parallels the process a client goes through with Craig at Health Alkemy.  You are initiated into the mystery of alchemy, inner and outer.
    • You will raise 10-12 plants for a year and use for your medicine.   Support and Gardening gatherings once per month.
    • Grow in pots are ok.
    • You will learn why you need these plants, what their properties are for both you and the Earth, how to harvest, and prepare
    • Included in this program are “Wild Nature” visits all year: plant walks in the forest, by the ocean, in the drylands, and seeing, observing, and learning from the same plants, same sites all year long.
    • You will save hundreds if not thousands of $$$’s on medications, lost work, lost energy, down moods, this is the program to change your life with ease.

    Join us on in the Garden!  Make a visit!
    Or just join whenever you can for an entire year of learning about plants, gardening, and how to use them for your own health.
    Join the revolution of people learning to take care of themselves.

    I also offer work-trade for each hour teaching – the student needs to put in 2 hours of work trade, possibly 3.  Or Barter if you have any of these skills: website and internet programming, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Counselor, Chef/cook, Dance/Movement, Carpentry, Landscaper, Permaculture teacher or practitione

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