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In-House Made Products

Craig has been formulating Herbal blends and growing herbs for over 20 years.  Health Alkemy ONLY makes products proven to get results

Minimum Order is $100 worth of products – which can include in house Standard Process, Premier Research Labs, and few others in stock.

We ship out about once a week, and pick-up also an option.

Herbal CSA PrePay

Farming went into Community Supported Agriculture CSA many years ago to help farmers get paid before the harvest and shipping. 

It was a great idea to prepay and get a discount – and get a regular drop off or pick up from the farm – depending on what’s available.

Health Alkemy Offers YOU a chance to get either dried herbs, or extracts in vodka (best choice long lasting years before expired) or in Apple Cider Vinegar (lasts 1-2 years)

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We Support Raw Whole Food Herb Concentrates

Click the links below to order your products online and support a local run operation helping the community

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Statement Of Fact

Health Alkemy is not in commerce. It is a fictional name made up by its’ founder, Craig Lane. Health service is not commerce, it is essential. Anyone who contacts us does so with an implicit agreement that this is not a “business” in commerce. It is not a job. We do not collect “income” but receive fair compensation for services. Call it “donation” if you like.

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