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We support your body’s systems through what you eat and aligning with your body’s customized needs.
When you do this your body’s innate intelligence is able to adjust for optimal health.
Craig specializes in the investigation of people’s unique needs and optimizing based on that.

Support the body’s systems by aligning with The Natural Order of Things. Investigate your own unique needs and verify them via subjective experience, lab work, and other objective evidence. When our bodies get what they need, they tend to go towards optimal health.

The Four Foundations of Health – if these work, then we can overcome almost anything

Health Alkemy Supports What is Free, Efficient, from Nature

An example video of exploring a health topic (B-vitamins and Niacin specifically) in The MasterMind Group, an unlisted private group.

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CLIENT Testimonials

Craig Lane is my nutritionist and massage therapist since 2005. I had pleasure to know him in this life time, for his best work, knowledge and his great personality .Craig is one of my best friend who I not only could receive healing energy from , but also I could trust him enough to share some of my confabulation. Craig has always helped me via his great work and heart. I extremely recommend him to everyone who wishes to feel better in life.

Naghmeh Hunt

Naghmeh Hunt

Assistant Professor of Persian Literature and Language , MA in Art of Education and Curriculum Designer.

Craig is a knowledgeable and experienced professional who deeply cares about his work. Craig’s success comes from a balanced combination of traditional medicine, alternative medicine and spritiual work. I highly respect him and without a doubt recommend him to anyone interested in health and nutrition.

Maria Wayne

Maria Wayne

Vice President of Talent Management and Global Mobility at Equinix

I had a 24 year old cousin with a disease that kept her in wheelchair, unable to sleep at all, and in pain so unbearable the wind brushing across her feet brought her excrutiating pain. She had RSD and no one has found a cure (nothing on the web). The closest cure: pain meds. Canadian doctors had her on seven types of meds and pain killers for four years, and the disease was spreading. Also, she drank seven sodas a day and ate junk constantly. Her doctors hadn’t touched this issue (well, one said she shouldn’t drink soda). Craig Lane (combined with our chirpractor) changed her life. For the first time in four years she was able to wear shoes and is pain-free. After eight months of direction with Craig, she is TOTALLY healed. The trajectory of her life, her family’s life, my life, my familiy’s life and all of our “legacies” will be forever impacted. THANK YOU, CRAIG FOR “SEEING HER AS HEALED”.

Rodd Sacchi

Rodd Sacchi

President at ATM Concepts, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Craig over the past three years. He started out as a dear teacher and our family nutritionist, and helped give our family the tools to heal my husband from two cronic diseases, ITP and hip collapse (which the doctors said there was no cure). He is now the nutritional consultant for our company, Creative Cultures. Craig maintains a thriving practice called Health Alchemy that embraces customized healing plans for each individual’s special physical, spiritual, and emotional needs as he recognizes the wisdom in multifaceted healing. Some people have criticized Craig of being “overwhelming” to the innocent bystander who thinks they are healthy just because they eat organic and exercise ( I myself used to be one of these). The truth is, he just knows so damn much compared to most physicians that I’ve met, that he will literally blow your mind when you first meet him!

Kelly Dearie

Kelly Dearie

Innovative, Gut-Health Transformation Programs and Private Coaching

I have worked with Craig Lane for over 10 years and during this time I have always been impressed with his deep compassion for his clients. This coupled his nutritional expertise creates a true healing environment from which people are able to make changes they seek in their health while being nurtured and supported during this transformation. I would recommend Craig Lane to be part of any organization that he wishes to join.

Charles Goodwin

Owner, Dakota Health Center

Craig has the knowledge and people skills to successfully address the health issues that plague our society most. Craig’s approaches are preventative, helping to support sustainable health; holistic, and effective. I trust Craig far and away over an M.D. to interpret my blood panel results. I recommend Craig to anyone who wants to take their own health into their own hands.

J. Paul Wayne

Senior Advisor, Organization Design
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Health Alkemy is not in commerce. It is a fictional name made up by its’ founder, Craig Lane. Health service is not commerce, it is essential. Anyone who contacts us does so with an implicit agreement that this is not a “business” in commerce. It is not a job. We do not collect “income” but receive fair compensation for services. Call it “donation” if you like.

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