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Supportive Health Post Holidays

Cleansing, Group Support, and Personal Engagement

Start the New Year Right!


Start to Feb 4 to 11 2022 =  Enter a 21 day cleanse Costs $299, including liquid herbs, /capsuled herbs, and raw food-based supplements (Only for US Clients).

Track 1 – for beginners and those who are not experienced – gentle cleanse.

Track 2 – for advanced and those who have done some work on purification and pass the vitality test screening.

Both Tracks are 21 days

Since we practice “differential assessment,” we make sure we help you get the most out of your money, time, and effort. We do that by asking for a vitality check.  This is a TCM (Chinese Medical) pulse, a Raglands Blood Pressure check (most important), blood work with minerals, liver enzymes, lipid panel, complete blood count, and blood sugar (optional but helpful), there are intake forms and questionnaires can be used, along with photos of tongue and eyes.  If the body is tired, it will not detox well unless we are resting.  So we start with vitality to give context to purification.

Three levels of Difficulty

Basic Food Chart – for maximum freedom and ease for beginners to succeed!
Weekly Charts – further restrictions for those wanting a bit deeper cleanse
Daily Challenges – at THREE LEVELS – these are also another way to go deeper.

THE MAIN FOCUS IS THE WATER ELEMENT ORGANS – KIDNEY, BLADDER, ADRENALS, BONE, BRAIN, NERVOUS SYSTEM, CELLS – we unlayer ourselves and this takes time and commitment, health is not popping a few things and few diet changes.  The more cleansing we do, the clearer we become, and the more energy we have.  (some do not cleanse properly, overdo it or under-do it and never really get anywhere.  Many practitioners also have not done their own work and hence CANNOT LEAD SOMEONE DOWN A PATH THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN ON?  

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