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Craig Lane

Craig Lane

NC, CMT & Certified Herbalist.

Craig Lane, the founder of Health Alkemy and inventor of the title “Holistologist,” Certified Nutritionist (B.S. in Nutrition) and Herbalist, has experience and education in Western medicine, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda.

With 25+ years of experience, he has created an integrated assessment system with medical exam/lab work, iris, sclera, and tongue analysis. His skill set is bridging the gap between modern medicine and proven Ancient Health Traditions.

​Through Medical Advocacy, lifestyle changes, and proper facilitation, people have an experience they cannot deny. He is also a graduate from the Kushi Institute of Macrobiotics, a Shiatsu massage and acupressure therapist, and a whole-food therapeutic chef with expertise in alchemy and food preparation.

Credentials of Craig Lane:
Education and Experience

  • BS Nutrition Cal Poly SLO – 1996
  • Clinical aspects of health, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biology, and medical interfacing
  • BS Business Cal Poly SLO – minor in English, 1988
  • How to run a business, communication skills
  • Trained Hospice volunteer SLO 1995
  • Learning to engage death and unpleasant circumstances, embracing human diversity
  • Complete Level II training at Kushi Institute of Macrobiotics – 1996
  • Teachers = Alex Jack, John Kozinski, Warren Kramer, Clyde Motosue, Carry Wolf, Wendy and Edward Esko, Charles Millman, Mayumi Nishimura
  • Learned how to diagnose using observation, questioning, palpation, and clinical testing, how to cook for different seasons, weather, disease states, and age groups.  In addition, learned Barefoot Shiatsu, traditional food processing, natural health care, and Do-In.
  • Completed Herbal Medicine Correspondence course and Clinical Study – East West Herb Course, Spring Seminars, and volunteer work
  • Teachers = Michael and Leslie Tierra, Christopher Hobbs, Candace Canten Packard
  • Learned the value of three major world herbal and health traditions: Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Western.  Deepened his skills of Holistic diagnosis, herbal formulation, herbal remedies, and five years of personal experience growing, wildcrafting, and use of over 300 herbs.
  • Native American Herbal Studies – Randall Roffe DC, SLO 1997-98
  • Learned subtle shamanic work, the Native Americal Medicine Wheel, and the use of herbs and wild plants by various native cultures.  Learned the value of living in tune with nature, and the wisdom of elders
  • Subtle Energy Healing – Wendy McKenna, and Reiki Level 1 Attunement, 1998-2002
  • Deepened experience in shamanic and energy healing, the value of focus and intention
  • Certification as a Massage Therapist 2001 (over 1,000 hours education from 1995 to 2001) – Jim Gallas and others – Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Certification in Shiatsu and Acupressure, with adjuncts in Polarity, Swedish, and Energy Work
  • Foundations of Clinical Nutrition – Standard Process, Emeryville, CA 2007
  • Art Capperauld, (personal study of Dr. Royal Lee, Dr. Bruce West)
  • 32-hour course in laboratory work, blood values, medical interfacing, endocrinology, and fine-tuning diagnostic techniques
  • Iridology, Endocrinology, and Naturopath self-study 2006-08
  • Bernard Jensen, Dr. Richard Anderson, Henry Harrower
  • Use of study of the eye, the relationship of intestinal health to total health, and the value of knowing the relationships of the internal organs and their secretions.
  • Clinical Health, Dakota Health Center – Santa Cruz CA, 2000-2009
  • Dr. Charles Goodwin DC, Lac
  • Work in massage therapy, nutrition, and herbal health full-time
  • Subtle Education and Experience (Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality) 1989 – 2009
  • Began Hatha Yoga in 1986 – Cal Poly SLO
  • Sonya Glassmeyer
  • The first teacher in spirituality (deceased)
  • Paramahansa Yogananda – the learned value of focus, will, intention, and the famous Energization Exercises
  • Zen Buddism – various sitting practices 1995 – 1999
  • Learned the art of stillness, zazen, and group practices/dialogue
  • Non-Dual Spirituality – Santa Cruz, CA 2001-2009
  • Adyashanti and Mokshananda
  • Learned the art of inquiry, surrender, acceptance, and engaging life with “effortless effort.”
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