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Health Alkemy's

Four Foundations of Health
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Where do I start My Health Journey?

Health Alkemy Care Plan For:

Name:_______________________________ Age:_____________ Health Goals:__________________________________________

Phase 1 Initial intensive:

Goal is to get you out of pain, treat main complaints as quickly as possible.

Recommendations vary, compliance is very important – please follow all instructions, procedures, and self-care methods taught.

_____visits over ______months = ____ estimated visits $____estimated cost

  • follow ups might be 3-4 weekly up to monthly if not urgent

Phase 2 Rehabilitative/Harmonizing/Balancing:

Goal is to help the system communicate, restore nerve/blood/lymph circulation, and continue to remove layers of toxicity from the gut, organs, and tissues.

Range 3 months to 7 years. Be patient, true healing takes time.

_____visits over ______months = ____ estimated visits $____estimated cost

Phase 3 Deep Rebuilding

Goal is to rebuild connective tissue, nerve supply, and endocrine organ systems.

_____visits over ______months = ____ estimated visits $____estimated cost

Phase 4 Maintenance:

Visits/seasonal assessments 2-4x/ year, with herbal and food concentrate supplementation (minerals, multi-vitamin, EFA, other personal need)

_____visits over ______years = ____ estimated visits $____estimated cost

Total estimated visits_____________

Foundations – Health Alkemy
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Statement Of Fact

Health Alkemy is not in commerce. It is a fictional name made up by its’ founder, Craig Lane. Health service is not commerce, it is essential. Anyone who contacts us does so with an implicit agreement that this is not a “business” in commerce. It is not a job. We do not collect “income” but receive fair compensation for services. Call it “donation” if you like.

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