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Why and What is Detoxification?

Why & What is Detoxification?

Why and What is Detoxification?

Why Detoxify or Cleanse or Fast?
What is a Detoxification or Cleanse?

There are many ideas about what “detoxification” is.  Or what a Cleanse is?  Or what or how to define toxicity in the first place?  The Mainstream media, the Medical Associations, and the ones who lack direct experience are making claims with no experience and improper data from a Capitalist system making money on people suffering.  Why would we listen to them?  I stopped years ago.  We USE the system and please do not be used by it!

What is toxicity?

A toxin is defined as anything that has a detrimental effect on cell function and/or structure.  Or on tissue and organ function.  One might say toxicity is a state where cellular function and replication are damaged in THE ENTIRE SYSTEM.  Parts may be affected more than others, but the problem is systemic.  Current testing techniques are poor in this regard.  Isolating cancer, tumors, and diseased body parts have been shown to have no long-term benefits in mortality in European studies.  Our AMA conveniently ignores or chides their data.

What are the signs of toxicity?  How can we spot early warnings before we have bigger troubles?

Stagnation of any sort leads to rot, inflammation, congestion, possible hardening, and eventually, decomposition.  We can see this in stagnant water by the road.  It smells bad!  And so do our guts if food, cells, microbes, and other things stop moving along or slow down.  Stagnant air in the room makes it smell musky.  Look below for insights.

Eliminating or Reducing Stagnation

Stagnations and Toxicity – five types:

    1. Food – from overeating and poor food choices, lack of exercise, poor breathing
    2. Fire – poorly circulating energy, will be interpreted as fatigue and lethargy, also this manifests as a foggy head syndrome. This is also from a lack of movement and exercise
    3. Dampness – poorly circulating blood and energy can cause edema and poor water metabolism.  This also shows as gut microbe imbalance with mucoid plaque (old mucus or used to be called “catarrh”) covering the gut wall in most people.  Microbes love to feed on this stuff and can crowd out our helpful critters that like a cleaner living space.
    4. Phlegm – since the colon is made from the same primal tissue as the lung, chronic dampness shows as allergies, arthritis, gut inflammation, asthma, colds, flu, and coughing up mucus excessively.
    5. Blood – can be from injury, lack of movement, and poor quality thick sludgy blood (or too thin) from dietary transgressions over many years.  Blood stagnation occurs AFTER food, fire, dampness, and phlegm have been around for a long time.
Endogenous (from the inside)
  1. Microbial – think about how microbes “poop” also.  Their by-products can be helpful or harmful depending on the critter.  These by-products, along with mucoid plaque and fat, can obstruct the delicate lymph filters in the colon.  They also can congest the portal circulation, affecting the liver and ultimately causing a leaky gut. Consider “biological pleomorphism,” or the ability of microbes to adapt and change form.  They are much better at this than we are and this is why anti-biotics and drugs no longer work as well as they once did.  Viruses are the kings here.  Many illnesses are viral and fungal based and the person on antibiotics gets weaker and weaker (because anti-biotics kill the helpful bacteria too and leave lots of open “parking spaces” for viruses and yeasts to camp out in) while the microbes get stronger.  Hence, the illnesses that never quite go away.  This is why.

    This might show up in lab work as high liver enzymes, elevated White Blood Cell count, and more.

  2. Metabolic – think dysfunction in the processing of calcium, protein, and fat.  This happens in the interstitial spaces mostly.  Caused mostly by liver and blood congestion, low bile levels, poor kidney function, and enzyme deficiency.  METABOLISM IS A NORMAL BODY PROCESS.

    This might show up as poor looking at Blood work across the board, as CO2, minerals, liver numbers, kidney, and lipids like cholesterol and triglycerides elevated Exogenous (from the outside)

  3. Chemical – brain, nerves, and liver suffer from our exposure to the thousands of man-made chemicals we are exposed to every day.

    This will certainly show up on lab work and often confusing symptoms, and I have seen various forms of muscle testing identify when this is ready to be worked on.

  4. Heavy Metal – again, the liver, brain, and nerves suffer due to constant exposure (the list includes aluminum, cadmium, tin, lead, and many others)

    This will show up on hair mineral analysis, blood work, and possibly stool and urine.

  5. Radiation (radiation-damaged tissue) – from cell phones, microwave ovens, nuclear power, television, others, etc…  This is very damaging to the cell and its ability to reproduce.  The combination of all these three is why there are so many health problems.  The mixture becomes worse than any single element.

    This might show up as elevated cholesterol, high white blood cell count or very low, Red blood cell numbers might look really low or really high.


The tongue will show colors such as (in order of good to bad) > pale, swollen, yellowish, cracks in the tongue, purplish, greenish, brown, blackish, and more.  The example shown here is a cancer client needing MAJOR detoxification note the photos as we move right show improvements in the tongue health = improvement from detoxification.


The sclera (whites of eyes) The whites of the eyes are an excellent tool to see why we might need to detoxify.  The more blood vessels we see in it, the more discolorations, the less white it is, the more we need to consider detoxification techniques…


Skin looks poor, dry, eczema, any eruption, dryness, any discoloration, we must look to the inside of the body first to get lasting results.


Iris if looks discolored – many black holes and or intense white areas = congestion and toxicity likely.  In this photograph, the inner yellowish ring is the stomach zone and is obviously not the same color as the rest of the eye.  There are many signs in this eye of someone needing a good 21-day detox, and many others over a few years.


Why Should I do a Detoxification program?

Below is a bullet list of why to detox: keep in mind this is my report card of 35 years in Nutrition and Health.  This is what I have seen.  I do not need “validated double-blind studies” as these cannot and will NEVER take into account the subtle factors playing out in REAL LIFE.

  • Reduce cravings/desires for unhealthful foods
  • Have clearer thinking and decision making
  • Have better digestion and reduced immune loads – less auto-immune destruction
  • Better liver function – increased ability to adapt and lower inflammatory levels
  • Better kidney function – the Bladder acupuncture meridian is the “detox” channel
  • Increased energy – when detoxification is done properly
  • More satisfying and frequency of bowel movements
  • Less sickness

Craig Lane

NC, CMT & Certified Herbalist.
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Craig Lane, the founder of Health Alkemy and inventor of the title “Holistologist,” Certified Nutritionist (B.S. in Nutrition) and Herbalist, has experience and education in Western medicine, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda.


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