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Natural Law

learn, adopt, and embody the laws and forces of health and nature
What do you


Do you yearn?  Do you want more inner peace?  Do you desire to know how to live more skillfully?
Previous attendees report greater self-awareness, more willingness to connect through disagreement and even triggers.
Attendees will leave each class, group, or session feeling motivated, inspired and enthused. 
Attendees after the 20 CLASS SERIES program is over will leave with self-knowledge about what their triggers are in fear and more.  Attendees will be able to practice Common Law Notice writing, make a personal menu page to give to people with “titles.”  Attendees will learn LAW is different than LEGAL.  MAN/WOMAN is different than PERSON.
Attendees will also learn basic heath rules, and have support in going deeper into healthier lifestyle.

This Natural Law Group meets weekly over 20 CLASS SERIES, then repeats.  This group uses self-knowledge, group discussions, personal investigation to live more skillfully and joyfully, with more love, success, and abundance than prior.  We will be meeting on video, with in person option.

Cost is $500 for the entire 20 CLASS SERIES
join any time
Paying per class option is $30

The good news is video is on-demand also available so you can join the group and watch and participate still! missed this start date? no problem, just ask to get in, anyone can join at any point.

This course will repeat once done and anyone can join the group at any point – given permission from the group.
Another more advanced group for those who already are aware/awake to The Game, please go here  – if you feel you want to learn how to assess health, and want to learn how to do clinical health work with a side of frequency, chemistry, anatomy, cooking and more!
Round/Cycle III January 2023

 January 2023 Starts Next Natural Law Live Group


Basic Course Syllabus

Seven (7) Part Series on Introduction to Health Basics
Natural Law - 10 class segments on introducing how to live in your body, and interact with others more skillfully.  Learn the difference between personal power from the Law, versus victim to "legal" mumbo jumbo, which is a fiction, a title.  All that is true is you are a man, or a woman, or just a living being.
The Larger View -  3 segments - How we interact with Nature, and The Universe, and Other Beings


Introduction to
Health Basics

Who thinks?  Who judges?  Who lives in this body?
What is Health?  Why is it Primary to all else in life?
The Other/s - How we relate and connect or are repulsed
Relationships with our Self, People, Plants, Nature, Life, and Death

Health Foundation 1
The Chooser: how well do we choose?  Addictions?  Strong habits?  Why?
Blood Sugar: Insulin is a "primary" hormone as it's directly affected by our food choices, find out why this is so important.

Health Foundation 2
Digestion and Microbiome: how well do we break food down?

Health Foundation 3
Detoxification and Decongestion: how well do we handle all the poisons and metabolic by-products?

Health Foundation 4
How well do we drain out the waste?  Do our bowels work well?  Do we urinate easily and how frequently?  Do we breathe skillfully?  Do we or can we sweat appropriately?

what is natural law ?

Who are YOU?
How to Live Well in your Earth-Suit
Fear and The Soul
Claiming Our Power
Understanding The Game
Understanding the Game II
Unraveling the Layers
Notice Writing
The Psychology of Authority
Unraveling the Layers II
Notice Writing II
Tying It All Together

the Larger View

Nature and its Order

How The Universe unfolds through humans and other beings

How can we improve our quality of life?

What things are unique to us as individuals, and what common patterns do we share in our process of growth and living?

what our clients says about us

Craig Lane is my nutritionist and massage therapist since 2005. I had pleasure to know him in this life time, for his best work, knowledge and his great personality .Craig is one of my best friend who I not only could receive healing energy from , but also I could trust him enough to share some of my confabulation. Craig has always helped me via his great work and heart. I extremely recommend him to everyone who wishes to feel better in life.

Naghmeh Hunt

Naghmeh Hunt

Assistant Professor of Persian Literature and Language , MA in Art of Education and Curriculum Designer.

Craig is a knowledgeable and experienced professional who deeply cares about his work. Craig’s success comes from a balanced combination of traditional medicine, alternative medicine and spritiual work. I highly respect him and without a doubt recommend him to anyone interested in health and nutrition.

Maria Wayne

Maria Wayne

Vice President of Talent Management and Global Mobility at Equinix

I had a 24 year old cousin with a disease that kept her in wheelchair, unable to sleep at all, and in pain so unbearable the wind brushing across her feet brought her excrutiating pain. She had RSD and no one has found a cure (nothing on the web). The closest cure: pain meds. Canadian doctors had her on seven types of meds and pain killers for four years, and the disease was spreading. Also, she drank seven sodas a day and ate junk constantly. Her doctors hadn’t touched this issue (well, one said she shouldn’t drink soda). Craig Lane (combined with our chirpractor) changed her life. For the first time in four years she was able to wear shoes and is pain-free. After eight months of direction with Craig, she is TOTALLY healed. The trajectory of her life, her family’s life, my life, my familiy’s life and all of our “legacies” will be forever impacted. THANK YOU, CRAIG FOR “SEEING HER AS HEALED”.

Rodd Sacchi

Rodd Sacchi

President at ATM Concepts, Inc.

Natural Law

January 10 to 24, 2023, Starts Introduction Group, for three weeks

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