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What can detoxification fix?

What can detoxification fix?
What is possible, what is not?

Why do detox and cleansing need to precede repair?  Because we cannot build on a sick distorted and weak foundation.  We must get rid of the old junk before we can make the new.

The burning house analogy

If we live in a house where half of it is always burning down, and in need of repair, does it make sense to keep adding wood to the fires?  While wanting the fire to stop?  This is what most of us are doing, adding fuel to our inflammatory fires.  Detoxification can give us a period of time to get to know how strong we are, and to stop burning down our own house!

What needs to be cleansed and repaired?  How do we know?  In most cases look to this order of items to work on below.

In order of Priority:

  • Stomach
  • Small Intestine
  • Large Intestine
  • Portal Systems and Lymph circulation
  • Liver and Gall Bladder
  • Kidneys / Adrenals

From here down, the list varies by person

  • Nerves
  • Spinal Cord and Brain (hypothalamus and pituitary
  • Thyroid/parathyroid
  • Thymus
  • Pancreas
  • Sex organs
  • Pineal gland
  • Parotid (salivary) glands

How do I know what needs cleansing?

Begin at the top of the list, always cleanse the gut first with raw foods, soothing mucilage, and scrubbing fibers like flax, chia, and psyllium seeds.  Juices and a liquid diet may be indicated for those with worn-out digestive systems or those in deep ulceration and inflammation.  Then we proceed with someone versed in iridology, Oriental diagnosis, naturopathic medicine, a medical doctor with holistic and nutrition training, or other qualified professional.

Medical tests and blood analyses do not show us the whole person or picture.  If we cannot digest our food properly, does it make sense to “heal” another part of the body?  If we cannot make healthy choices because we cannot digest our experiences and respond to life in a healthy way, does it make sense to target a “symptom” area?

Foggy and confused thinking often arises from a toxic and overloaded digestive system.  Thousands upon thousands of people who have cleansed report clearer thinking, more energy, and joy!

Subtle signs of toxicity

When we feel joy, empathy, clarity, motivation, have dreams, and can let go easily, these are our signs of good inner health.

The Draining Emotions (when identified with) 

Anger, fear, greed (hoarding), attachment, depression, grief, worry, control, and sadness.

Signs of Cleansing Improvements and Time for Repair

Improve Your Digestion – How Digestion is Improved

Digestion is the mechanical and chemical process of breaking down food (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) into molecules small enough to be absorbed through your intestinal lining. Herbal cleansing supports digestion by stimulating and toning the natural secretions and functioning of your stomach, pancreas, intestines, liver, and gallbladder – so you can break down food molecules more productively and supply your body with the nutrients it needs to make you feel your best.  

Absorb More Nutrients – How Absorption Happens

Absorption happens when food molecules are broken down small enough to pass through the inner wall of your intestines into your blood or lymph. Cleansing the digestive system of old waste and hardened mucus provides an unclogged surface and restores the lining’s integrity.  A healthy, clean, and intact lining assures maximum absorption of nutrients for more energy and vitality.  

Establish Better Elimination – How to Establish Better Elimination

Once digestion and absorption are completed, the undigested food, bacterial remains, metabolic wastes, hormones, cholesterol, and environmental toxins need to be removed from the body to prevent autointoxication. Without daily bowel movements, we may experience a host of uncomfortable symptoms. As important as it is to digest and absorb, it is equally important to eliminate. Herbal colon cleansing not only moves out all of these accumulated wastes and toxins, but it helps condition the intestines for better everyday regularity. 

Strengthen Your Body’s Defenses – How to Strengthen Your Body’s Defenses

The inner intestinal wall has ten times the surface area of your skin. For this reason, your body focuses a substantial amount of immune activity to protect this potential entrance from foreign invaders. In fact, researchers estimate that two-thirds of all immune activity occurs in the gut. This is normal and natural. 

However, if your digestive system is functioning poorly or is overly toxic, your body may be exposed to toxins entering the bloodstream. To your body, these toxins may appear as foreign invaders and it may react with an inappropriate immune response. This out-of-balance process can be a drain on your energy and may also lead to difficulties such as allergies and autoimmune conditions. As colon cleansing helps restore digestive functions and the integrity of the intestinal lining, unnecessary burdens on your immune system are reduced.  

More Mental Clarity & Focus 

Without regular elimination (at least once per day) your undigested food literally has a chance to compost within your body.  This can lead to an excessive burden of internal toxins, which, if absorbed into your bloodstream, can adversely affect your mental and emotional state.  Herbal colon cleansing will not only promote regular elimination, but by removing old waste it can reduce this internal source of toxins, clear your thinking and lessen your emotional swings.  

Reduce Cravings & Food Dependencies 

When your body’s ability to digest and absorb food is impaired, it feeds a cycle of craving more food and stronger flavors when what you really need is better nutrition.  Many people have found that our herbal cleansing kits are a terrific aid in breaking this cycle and lessening their dependence on habit-forming foods like sugar, caffeine, junk foods, etc.  This means fewer highs/lows and a feeling of steadier, longer-lasting energy.

  • Less Body, Breath Odors Brighter, whiter eyes, and clearer iris
  • Less Gas, Flatulence Fewer symptoms and aches/pains
  • Less Bloating; Flatter Stomach Experience more “states of being” and less White or Coated Tongue Uncaused joy
  • Better Appearance 
  • Clearer Skin 

What Internal Cleansing Does

Your body has eleven major systems (circulatory, digestive, nervous, etc.) and five are needed for continuous self-cleansing and elimination. You’re designed this way because your body continually generates large quantities of endotoxins – the natural by-products of metabolism. In fact, scientists estimate that in the time it would take you to read this section, your body’s natural metabolism will have produced enough “endo-toxins” to kill a small animal. 

Add to that the modern burdens of exo-toxins – environmental pollutants, food additives and other stress factors – and it’s clear that if your elimination system is over-burdened or weak, your health and vitality can suffer. The Center for Disease Control has done large-scale studies and found measurable amounts of more than 100 toxic chemicals in the blood and urine of the general public. 

Specifically, cleansing is designed to:

  • Detoxify and Rejuvenate All of Your Body’s Organs by Cleansing
  • Reduce Unwanted Guests in the Digestive Tract
  • Help provide a better home for Probiotic microbes
  • Release the Body’s Wisdom for Greater Health

What is Known and Unknown About Old Waste

On this page, we attempt to present a full picture of what is known and unknown about colon cleansing and the removal of old waste. Reading through this page you will find views from experts who have spent their lives researching colon health as well as skeptics who criticize colon cleansing categorically. You will also find information about colon cleansing in general.

A Look Inside of Your Intestines

Leading out of your stomach is a long tube that ends at your anus. This twenty feet or so is called the small intestine and the final five feet are called the large intestine (colon). Unlike the colon, the small intestine has many small finger-like projections (villi) from its inner lining that present a surface area the size of a tennis court. It is within the folds of both intestines that waste and toxins may accumulate. 

The graphics below are stylized for ease of demonstration and are based on the work and research done by Dr. Richard Anderson in Cleanse and Purify Thyself 2 and by Dr. Bernard Jensen in Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management. 

Craig Lane

NC, CMT & Certified Herbalist.
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Craig Lane, the founder of Health Alkemy and inventor of the title “Holistologist,” Certified Nutritionist (B.S. in Nutrition) and Herbalist, has experience and education in Western medicine, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda.


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