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The Modern Era – Surfing the Toxicity and the Light

The Modern Era
Surfing the Toxicity and the Light

I’ve been leading group 21-day cleanses for over ten years and have been doing cleansing and detox as a specialty and personally for over 20.

So with those thousands of hours come some observations to share.

  • We have both detox and drainage.  Everything eats, and everything poops.  We are mostly microbes = do the math, we are The Captain of The Bug Ship. Our cells eat and poop.  It’s a flow, it should be in harmony = easeDis-ease starts with a lack of harmony, lack of presence, and lack of will to overcome the fear/s.
  • Part of “detox” is to recognize “self” from “other”.  Also part is proper ID of what is inside us, molecules, and microbes outnumber everything by far and we MIGHT know 5% of that.  Part of “Self” is immune cell recognition of lysed DNA from our own cells.  This is really bad, and what endometriosis is.  Uterine cells are made in the endometrium.  You don’t want thyroid DNA in your ovaries, do you?
    • My orientation is “process” and not “chemistry snapshots” of a life process.  Chemistry and static “science” are snapshots of a certain parameter at a moment in time.  It is maybe HALF of what Health is the practice of.  The other larger part is the recognition of frequencies, energies, vibrations, movement, stasis, heating up, getting cold, contracting, and expanding.  What is chemistry/words pointing towards?  “Words are at BEST pointers to reality”  AND chemistry and the hard sciences are needed – used properly.
  • I believe this is a power play to parasitize the population’s energy, via fear, and actual invasion of our own sovereign “earth-suit”  I believe the focus of present moment consciousness is the key – after being “on the other side” many times, and broken neck, multiple TBI’s, “should have died” heard many times.  I KNOW what I am.  And that has power.  Do you?  What are you all willing to fight for?  To die for if need be?
  • To focus on specific molecules, the only-one-thing-that-can-cure-this belief is very dangerous.  And a distraction from our true power.  Which is sunlight, fresh plants, solid raw or under-cooked proteins, whether animal or veggie, spring water out of the Earth, Soil/Land we know how to nourish, and SHE nourishes us back with adaptation to our environment by eating fresh foods from HER.  THIS is the way to nourish immunity.  To learn to breathe, and practice the art of presence.
  • Nano what to do?  I have studied this via many colleagues, friends, and personal curiosity, and I think, boron, iodine, and silica are key elements.  I firmly see most people are natural raw food B-vitamin deficient.  DO NOT believe that coal mining waste USP b-vitamins are good for you.  Short-term use only – treated as a drug.  We need whole food b-vitamins, and they can be concentrated.
    • Minerals, in high amounts, magnesium raise the dose to 500-1000 mg (no citrate forms), and calcium can also raise a bit but use lactate or bone form.  Do not need to – most people are magnesium deficient – not calcium.  Chlorophyll possesses magnesium at its center and in my opinion, is the best form – as Mg is involved in RBC and ATP production.  Look MBR – magnesium burn rate.  Morley Robbins of The Root Cause protocol system speaks to this and these hidden truths of metabolism, forgotten and washed away over time by the Consortium.  Whatever and who-ever that is.
    • Proper zinc, copper, and iron intake from the right forms, most people’s iron supplement are more toxic than helpful.
    • Sodium and potassium – calcium, phosphorus, magnesium – many other mineral elements need balance and are part of living “vital amines” as nutrients used to be called before the Great Dumbing Down over many generations.  Taking D3, Zinc, and Ascorbic acid upsets a natural balance in our bodies’ energy and oxygen metabolism, causing a low form of – surprise!!! – hypoxia.  Use whole food C, and ascorbic acid carefully, less than 500mg per day long term, unlimited from whole food sources.
    • Keep your system clean.  I do a three-round enema weekly, or try to, and during 4x/year cleansing periods, I try to do 2-3 per week or even daily if my vitality is high.  EAT RAW at least 50% of your calories, and veggies and fruits.  RAW is a key element, but I do not believe nor have seen per se raw-foodism as the best way.  Health needs context and diet also.

In summary, I firmly can say Fresh, Raw Natural, Local, Present moment consciousness and focus leads to power beyond imagination.  Because it’s being sourced from something larger than us. 🙂  Power = ability to be vulnerable, ability to be honest, ability to see clearly, is a by-product of Health.  Immunity is not a system.  It’s more like the cooperation of cells, tissues, organs, and of course life processes.

I believe focusing on all the distractions and side-tangents, and gaslighting only drains our power.  Because it takes us out of presence, into future-based anxiety, fears, and fantasies that feel awful to the cells/tissues in your earth-suit.  Ruins immunity.  Breathe, be present, deal with stuff as it comes, and love like today is/was last in this lovely place.

Extra credit = knowing our mission, purpose, and values.

And my disclaimer is this is my experience, it is in no way the gospel truth.  Apply accordingly.  Many have, and had ‘an experience they could not deny.”

Many thanks to all the great community-oriented people gathering in solidarity.


Craig Lane

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Craig Lane, the founder of Health Alkemy and inventor of the title “Holistologist,” Certified Nutritionist (B.S. in Nutrition) and Herbalist, has experience and education in Western medicine, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda.

Craig Lane

NC, CMT & Certified Herbalist.

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