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Jean Sibley

M.A., Frequency Healing, Wisdom Coaching
Address: Santa Cruz, CA 95060, United States

As an advanced energy healer and practitioner of higher consciousness, Jean offers frequency healing and wisdom coaching. She loves helping clients clear and balance on the emotional plane so they become more grounded, present, and resourceful.

Her wisdom is distilled from an interesting life that has included unappealing scenarios, recovery, studying Mandarin, becoming a technology whisperer, raising a daughter, prison outreach, hospice work, enjoying foodie adventures while backpacking the world, and indulging a love of comedy.

Through Craig Lane’s deluxe program, incorporating nutritional support and bodywork, Jean has defied aging and reached a high level of vitality, balance, and harmony. In the photo, she is enjoying the sun beaming down in the Health Alkemy garden, age 68, happy and fulfilled in her earth suit. 


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