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Dean Jackson

Lifestyle Consultant & Author
Address: Santa Cruz, CA 95060, United States

I became interested in a holistic approach to healthier living and balanced nutrition based on growing up with various health issues: poor Digestion, Cystic Acne, Constipation, Anxiety, and bouts with mild depression. These conditions have led to struggles with my confidence, which has affected almost every area of my life.

Based on seeing so many people I grew up with and their health getting worse even under a Western Medical Doctor’s care. I started reading and researching……and I have not looked back since. I knew in my heart that God had already given us the answer to the many health problems facing the average American.

From reading various books on Finance, Health and Nutrition, Martial Arts, Metaphysics, The Bible, Male/Female Relationships, Astrology, Numerology, and Herbs I finally had the answers I had been searching for my whole life. Something which has been pure Bliss to discover…that the Universe has already provided in nature all the remedies we need to heal!

I am focused on helping people achieve better overall Quality of Life via healthy intimate relationships, financial education, and proper nutrition. I AM PASSIONATE about this way of serving people! I love what I do! Thank you for your time and consideration as I look forward to working with you.


Recreate Yourself

With personal research towards living more effectively and joyfully, with love, success, and more.

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