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Bernadette of the Alvarado family

Early Childhood Educator, doTerra Wellness Advocate
Address: Santa Cruz, CA 95060, United States

Bernadette grew up in Chicago, the firstborn child of immigrant parents, a Portuguese mother, and a Mexican father. Inner-city life with parents from two different cultures presented challenging experiences and lessons.

The highlight of childhood was bonding with her Portuguese grandfather Emanual, who took her many times to the gorgeous island of Madeira. He shared his passion and love for nature and food with the entire community. When Bernadette asked questions in school about how to grow her own food and live in harmony with nature, the public school system was quick to label her as special ed, so she stopped asking questions about nature.

Becoming a single mother at age 21 gave her a deep desire to understand how to best raise a daughter. She earned a degree in Early Childhood Development. Through her studies and journey as a mother, she realized how essential self-development is.

In recent years, living by the coast in central California, she feels constantly blessed by the beauty of the beaches and forests. This is where she has reconnected with nature, and become a doTerra wellness advocate. She loves empowering women and families with the wonderful healing benefits of these pure oils.

Bernadette is passionate about creating a safe container for children to grow and prosper. Believing that Love is always the answer, she teaches and supports both children and adults how to love themselves and practice wise self-care.


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