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Bernadette Alvarado

Health & Wellness Advocate, Personal Assistant & Master Organizer

Cell:   (831)239-4976

Email:  [email protected]  


I am a young mother of three, grandmother and advocate of love without limits! I am passionate about connecting with families of young children and or seniors. 

I have experience in Early Childhood Development since 1995  and senior care experience since 1994. I enjoy inspiring others to embrace love as a force for good, as we all live our lives with compassion, kindness, and gratitude. 

Are you interested in taking control over your physical, mental, and spiritual health with natural alternatives?

Ways I love to help clients:

  • Natural Health & Wellness – Aroma-therapy massage, Aromatherapy hand massage & Foot massage, Gardening Support, Cooking Support 
  • Master Organizer – parties, events, home, office, garage, food pantry/kitchen 
  • Love Coach –  Learn to keep your love on,  Support with healing your relationships.

I practice an open approach which creates a safe space for others to be their full self in my presence. My mission is to spread awareness about aligning our actions with natural connections through limitless love. 

Blessings on you and your family!


Recreate Yourself

With personal research towards living more effectively and joyfully, with love, success, and more.

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