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Introduction to foundational health

Optimal Beginnings in Health

Introducing a Nutritional Typing System that works! Metabolic Typing + Blood Type and Ancestry

Health Foundation I

What kind of fuel do I need? What kind of meals are optimal for me?

*The “Paleo” or “High-Octane” fuel is a Protein-type, and they must have dark meat (high purine proteins) and a lot of fat, such as butter, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado and a good variety of fruits and vegetables. This type is usually hungry alot and needs heavier fatty foods to slow down fast metabolism.

*The “Unleaded” or “Low-Octane” fuel type is a “Carb-type” and they must have some carbohydrate, lighter meat, lower fat proteins, and less fat/oils. They need more vegetables and appetite helpers.

*The “Mixed” Metabolic type needs a bit of everything and they are more metabolically flexible. Depending on appetite, energy, and activity levels, this person does best with a lot of variety.

The best support for finding out how any meal, snack or food/herb/supplement is the Adjusting Dietary Ratios document and exploring high and low versions of protein, carbohydrate and fats. The first step is finding out what kind of foods give maximum energy after meals. This means less metabolic waste is generated and less congestion, inflammation, and symptoms = less burden on other Foundations.

For most people, this step takes 3 months – some longer, some have done this work and quickly explore a few things. We have “graduated” from Foundation I to the next piece of our health when we know what types of meals restore us, give us good stamina, and not need to snack nor crave between meals. We also know how to relax ourselves and stimulate ourselves via our diet. 

Health Foundation II

Digestion and Assimilation is how well we break down foods and change them into a form our body uses for energy, new tissue, hormones, and more. It starts with food selection, chewing, and the state of mind while eating.       

Most people need support on digestion. Some have problems but have no symptoms – Stress in the gut affects the mind, and stress in the mind affects the gut. The process of mental, emotional, and physiological digestion are inter-related. Mastery of this level means the person breaks down food into its “building blocks” and the rest of the body gets what it needs. This includes cells, tissues, and organs. Circulation must be considered important in this foundation.

Health Foundation III

Detoxification (recommend seasonal cleansing/detox for 7-21 days 4x/year) – Detoxification is the body’s ability to break down all forms of waste and transform it. We have five types of waste:

  1. Metabolic from normal bodily processes.
  2. Microbial waste
  3. Chemical waste.
  4. Heavy metal waste
  5. Radiation damaged tissue

Health Foundation IV

Elimination – this is the final exit of toxins, microbial waste, metabolic waste, old tissue, mineral elements both toxic and helpful.

Food transit time is 18-24 hours so if one eats 3 meals per day then 3 Bowel Movements per day are ideal.

Urine, sweat, tears, saliva, and breathing are elimination pathways/channels.       

Simple Tips for Easier Health = Free and Easy!

Chewing 50X per bite – slow chewing and food well broken down, learn what this feels like but not tight

Eat sitting down and relaxed whenever you can = better digestion, stress = lowered digestion ability

Eat all five flavors every meal (sweet, salt, sour, bitter, pungent)

Eat protein every meal – see Food Lists in Health Alkemy Portal for protein food options

Introduction to foundational health – Health Alkemy
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