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    Fall Season – The Rhythm of Breath

    The day of equal light and dark has passed.  The Metal element in Traditional Chinese Medicine is dominant in Autumn.

    One less appealing aspect of fall and winter is the decay and dying. We may have a hard time accepting that parts of ourselves decay and die, while other parts live on. The dying process dominates during the cold seasons, so our challenge is to see what needs to be pruned from our diets, lifestyle, and mental/emotional patterns.

    Autumn is a time of preparation for the winter ahead, at least in traditional cultures without modern appliances, and in nature. The energy in nature is condensing. Watch the progression of a tree as its leaves go from green to yellow to brown or red, then fall to the Earth, signaling winter. This is the life force of the tree condensing inward in preparation for the cold season ahead.

    This is a time to eat heavier foods, more cooked foods, hearty casseroles, more animal flesh, and ground/root vegetables such as carrots, burdock, daikon, pumpkin and squash. Eating heavier and richer foods facilitates more caloric warmth from the digestion of the “high octane fuels.”

    Take more time alone to meditate, read, walk in nature, and accept the coming dark months ahead. It is also a time for letting go…letting go of the wonderful warm summer months, letting go of attachment to activity and light, and letting go with every breath, leaving space for unknown things to come to us.

    This is an opportunity to work with the tissues that are more active during the Fall (Lung/Respiration, Colon -Waste/Microbial Alchemy), and help them detox or gain strength, while more “juice” is flowing, so to speak.  Find out from us why it’s helpful in health to honor the seasonal changes of Nature.  Click HERE for more information about Fall Health Strategies.

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720 River Street
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