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Since we practice “differential assessment,” we make sure we help you get the most out of your money, time, and effort. We do that by asking for a vitality check. 

This is a TCM (Chinese Medical) pulse, a Raglands Blood Pressure check (most important), blood work with minerals, liver enzymes, lipid panel, complete blood count, and blood sugar (optional but helpful).

There are intake forms and questionnaires that can be used, along with photos of the tongue and eyes.  If the body is TIRED, it will NOT detox well unless we are resting.

So, we start with vitality to give context to purification.

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Who we are

Support your bodies systems through what you eat and align with your bodies customized needs.

When you do this your body’s innate intelligence is able to adjust for optimal health. Craig specializes in investigation of people’s unique needs and optimizing based on that.

Support the bodies systems by aligning with The Natural Order of Things. We investigate your own unique needs and verify via subjective experience, lab work and other objective evidence. When our bodies get what they need, it tends to go towards optimal health.