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What is Community

What is Community?
By: Craig Lane

This word brings up many things for each of us.  What do you think of when you see this word?

Commune was once thought of as a kind of “cult” as a child.  My mother would tell me the news sometimes, and I wondered what these “cults” were?

To “commune” to me is to “collude” with others, whether that be humans, plants, insects, microbes.  They all form communities, interdependent, and independent too!  I have worked long and hard to create communities, and until this point, only plants, insects, animals, and a few humans.  Most of my human community work has been destroyed or changed. What do you think?  Communication.

After 30 years of learning health, in many venues,

“I can see the central issue missing is community. People with addictions, cancer, degenerative illness, psychology issues, and much more get much much better with love and support.”

Look up the power of prayer?  Sit quietly by some water, listen to the wind, listen to the sounds people make, let their words enter as sounds, and let the specific words land – do not track them…see what happens?

Health Alkemy became a community long ago, though my face it wore, it was always intended to be a place people can serve each other, a place to gather and heal, a place to create a mission/purpose in the world (the dharma), and have the support of others aligned (the sangha), aligned in Divine creation (the buddha).

Join us! 
Join the caring, the actions, the quiet, the mystery of nature, and what health really means.

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Craig Lane is a certified Nutritionist and Herbalist with a BS degree in Nutrition, author of the book Moving Into Balance, graduate of the Kushi Institute of Macrobiotics, a Shiatsu Massage Therapist, and a Therapeutic chef. Craig resides in Santa Cruz, CA where he has a daily yoga practice. He turned to the path of a healer after breaking his neck in a car accident 25 years ago.

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Health Alkemy is not in commerce. It is a fictional name made up by its’ founder, Craig Lane. Health service is not commerce, it is essential. Anyone who contacts us does so with an implicit agreement that this is not a “business” in commerce. It is not a job. We do not collect “income” but receive fair compensation for services. Call it “donation” if you like.

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