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June/July is Summer 21 Day Group Cleanse (or Individual)

Push yourself beyond your limits – improve your immunity, health, and life

June 3- June 24, 2022

(some people will vary in their start)

$299 includes a brief exam, intake forms, and personal custom herbs and supplements Pre-cleanse clinic exam, intake forms, pick up cleanse supplies Friday June 25 Noon to 6pm

Join The Three Day Water Fast!

12-16 Join myself  and those wanting to explore “their inner wilderness” Heartland Collective

More than ever, I feel we need to be clear, inside and out.  To be clear, means self-examination, such as, “what things in life trigger me into unconscious and disruptive behavior?”  Or we might think, “why do I always react the same way when my sister triggers me?”  Are you one of those people who suspects there is alot more to life than work, eat, sleep, repeat?  Join a group process of using only water on a fast, some may need electrolytes, and other specifics, and this is designed with that in mind.  I will be bringing medical devices and health monitoring supplies and tools to make sure each of us has the best experience.


Monday July 12 – Arrival, grounding, intention ceremony, evening story telling, music, and more
12-3 arrive and settle
3-5pm Time in and around the water (weather can vary and this might also)
5-7pm Dinner and Discussion of Food Becoming Us
Dinner = raw salad of local veggies, fruits, avocado, olives, and soups if cool weather or juice if warm
7-10 pm Evening Bonanza or rest
I imagine two circles, one simply more quiet, a campfire perhaps?  or candles, and light music, soft conversation of maybe just people rubbing each others feet
The other circle is the one for those who want to play louder music, move and dance, do yoga, breathe heavy (lol), or talk louder…there will also be one large circle at some point in the day TBD for an Intention and Honoring Ceremony.

Tuesday July 13 – Water fast – examinations for those who want, and “fluid station” with various minerals and electrolytes, some herbal extracts, and recommends will be given and talks throughout the day.  Today is garden day, lots of time to explore plants with Craig, and rest, rest rest.  Some guided meditations, music, and more can be offered

Wednesday July 14 – same as above except a more inner focus – more time in silence encouraged, and this is a good day to explore, quiet, silence, and what happens when we simply surrender?

Thursday July 15 – This is a “Step back towards the world” but in a more conscious way.  We will explore our patterns of choice and Craig’s Health Foundation One (The Chooser)

Friday July 16 – Break Fast – there are a number of ways to break a fast.
Option one is juicing, various veggies will be offered, fruit juices served a bit later towards noon and the heat
Option two is bone broth with some raw butter, and or avocado…
Option three (Craig’s favorite when possible) raw well chewed carrots, or for some might like raw summer squash well chewed…

Ending Ceremony at Noon
1-3 leave and bless the land

FREE if part of the cleanse for $299
Ala-carte = $199
Contact healthAllemy@gmail.com or call 831-325-3174 to reserve a spot now
Price does not include lodging costs, travel cost, and cost of your own extra supplies for the 5 days
I highly suggest fasting on only raw foods July 10-12, then no large meals with heavy protein until July 17 or 18 even better



  • Preview Talk Wednesday June 16 and 23 at  6:30pm-7:30pm
  • Pre-cleanse clinic exam, intake forms, pick up cleanse supplies Friday June 25 Noon to 6pm – Community Dinner 7-9pm
  •  June 28 Cleanse begins!
  • First weekend of Cleansing!  Talk on Intentions and Sincerity July 2nd 7-9pm is Friday night Community Dinner, Potluck and Cleanse Education – Foundations 3 and 4 focus
  • July 5-12 – Second Weekend of Cleansing, try a water fast, day long juice fast, group support – inquire for more info
  • July 9 Friday night Community Dinner, Potluck and Cleanse Education – Foundations 3 and 4 focus and discussion of follow through, SMART goals, how to stay present with cravings, and desire/s to indulge.
  • July 12-19 – Third Weekend of Cleansing, (Three Day Water Fast and Five Day Journey July 12-16 at Heartland)
  • July 16 Talk on Using Plant Medicines and Yoga for Deeper Cleansing – inquire for more info – Friday night Community Dinner, Potluck and Cleanse Education – Foundations 3 and 4 focus
  • July 23 – Final Cleanse Topic – Ending a cleanse skillfully using Plant Medicines, Yoga, and Inner Tools of Alchemy, acknowledge the intentions set to start, and review how we did



  • Shorter Cleanse options – 3 day, 7 day, 10 day – schedule a 15 minute Quick Check for $25 to get support for YOUR UNIQUE needs.
  • Enema learning options – after 10 years plus and thousands of enemas later, I’ve seen their value as accelerators of health.
  • Yoga and breath options – free, easy, and perfect fit for those with some time and effort, and want to learn deeper health.
  • Challenge optionsThree levels of Challenges from eating four raw carrots per day to 3 day water fast
  • Community Dinners – every Friday evening 7-9pm will be a preparation group and online option via zoom
  • Support via tutors and Group Support – personal tutors proven to be at a health level to give you their own experience and guidance
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