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Personal Alkemy Program

Healthy lifestyle matters

“Being disease and symptom-free”

Our subconscious cannot do work on negative statements, reframe to positive If you say you want to stop smoking – you are left “WANTING” Subconscious cannot tell the difference between real or imagined activities.

Changing a negative EXPERIENCE from a negative one into a positive one / experience.

Personal Alkemy Packages :

  • 20 hours total – 10 classes of two hours
  • Individual Health Courses
  • Complete Personal Alkemy Training Course Certificate

Further Certification Studies :

  • Private study with health practitioner / mentors
  • Business training to start your own health practice to help your community. 
  • Opportunity to learn from the collective wisdom of Health Alkemy Community.

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Craig has the knowledge and people skills to successfully address the health issues that plague our society most. Craig’s approaches are preventative, helping to support sustainable health; holistic, and effective. I trust Craig far and away over an M.D. to interpret my blood panel results. I recommend Craig to anyone who wants to take their own health into their own hands.

J. Paul Wayne

Craig is a gentleman and a scholar…highly devoted to his work with great sincerity. He “walks his talk” and has helped many people with their health issues and struggles…and I do know that he has had much success in helping others where even doctors have failed. . He has a kind compassionate ear is able to listen to a what the patient is sharing: verbal and non verbal. I highly recommend Craig as a massage practitioner, healer, herbalist and nutritionist.sional.

Kamala Devi Sharre Young

I have worked with Craig Lane for over 10 years and during this time I have always been impressed with his deep compassion for his clients. This coupled his nutritional expertise creates a true healing environment from which people are able to make changes they seek in their health while being nurtured and supported during this transformation. I would recommend Craig Lane to be part of any organization that he wishes to join.

Charles Goodwin