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Report Card of an Explorer

After breaking my neck in a car accident over 35 years ago, my whole life changed.  The way I saw myself and the world changed.  My resolve to live fully emerged, no regrets, no doubts, no more holding back.

But I was afraid.  And I sat with and overcame those fears.

My Health “Practice” started the moment that doctor standing over me saying, “you’ll never surf again.”  I got angry.  How dare he know how MY life and healing would work out?

Ever since that moment, through yoga healing to nutrition, herbal medicine, Hospice and NDE’s, to Involuntary Shamanism to Oriental Bodywork I have explored health.  Do I even know what health is?  I used to think.

That was my starting point, to explore what health is for ME.

35 years later, 50,000 plus hours in classrooms, nature, clinics, auditoriums, kitchens, homes, dining rooms, beaches, camp-outs, I have some things to offer those willing to learn.  About what health really is and how amazing life can be.  We CAN thrive.  I am an example.  My past is littered with trauma, abuse, rejection, betrayal, pain, suffering, joy beyond anything thought possible and experiences that crushed my logical mind to bits.

I learned enough to know we need each other far more than to be “governed” by agencies and people far away that care little for my well-being.  That is why I am alive still, to offer a place to feel safe.  I can offer anyone a place of peace, power, vulnerability, and joy.  If they are willing to explore the path of health, and life.

The place to feel safe for me is away from any structure that cares for itself more than the people who run it and are in it.

That is why Health Alkemy now is a Private Membership Association.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone, there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

Under that I can offer far more in a private sector under safer conditions than USA inc and its “public domain and commerce” based contracts, loopholes, and corruption/abuse.

Join me!  Join the many who have seen what is possible with a home garden, kitchen, a place to gather, and a place to worship.

Health Alkemy will require Membership Forms signed, and Agreements signed.  Health Alkemy is now a Ministry of Nature and Health.  We will require a signed Notice of Release from all members – that our words or products are out of public domain jurisdiction.

We can explore together what it means to live a life aligned with Nature, aligned with Natural Law and thriving in joy and in these Earth-Suits than we ever thought possible

Seasonal Cleansing

21 days and 10-day versions = easy or can make harder

Natural Law Class

Every Tuesdays 7-9 pm

FREE three-class trial for freedom people and can use trade/barter and or sliding scale for the group

Personal Alkemy

Wednesdays 11-1 PM for people further along in health.

7-9 PM class for beginners STARTS MID TO END OF MAY 2022

Current course = Foundations of Nutrition = perfect for beginners

This is a ten-course sequence teaching all I have learned in these areas:

  •         Health Assessment
  •         Foundations of Nutrition
  •         Cooking
  •         Herbal Medicine and Soil
  •         Chemistry made fun and process-oriented
  •         Anatomy made fun
Community Dinners

Friday’s 7-9 pmusually goes up till 9:30 -10 pm.

What’s different this year about them?

There is a movement of consciousness in place.  I offer a place to have good body-soul nourishing foods, connection, community, and a deep discussion.  Special Story-telling nights, Special Guest teachers, please reach out if you want to present on a health topic, I want to promote local health.

e-mail healthalkemy@gmail.com to get on the email list

FREE with potluck and discussion

FREE YouTube recordings of the talks – very popular!

People on the newsletter also get a zoom link if they want some community albeit virtual, but we get 1-3 on these calls


Be a Health Alkemy Community member and get unlimited access to thousands of online classes in dozens of categories. All led by experts.

Or Call us: +1-831-325-3174

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Santa Cruz, California, USA

Statement Of Fact

Health Alkemy is not in commerce.  It is a fictional name made up by a man, Craig Lane.  Health service is not commerce, it is essential.  Anyone who contact me does so with an implicit agreement this is not a “business” in commerce.  It is not a job, do not collect “income” but receive fair compensation for my services.  Call it “donation” if you like.

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