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Did you ever feel like you want to be that person who can spot patterns in others, yourself, and in Life?
Then join us for a chance to become all you can be!

What's it cost?

+Paid in advance entire 200+ hour program $1999 +3 payments of $599 over one year – with $599 deposit +Monthly payment options $200 deposit, $200 per month for 12 months. OR – buy each smaller course ala-carte and study areas of interest to you without getting certification.

Trade – Barter – also available – go HERE more information

Seem like too much for you? Then go HERE for a more watered down group and more focus on law, health basics, and inner work.

When will this happen?

Each class is on Zoom live, recorded, then the materials available for life.  There will be one call per week, with a support group one weeknight per week optional.
See individual Courses for date of launch.  The Program is up and running – people can join ANYTIME and the content rotates every 18 months back to the start.
I encourage using a laptop or computer for the live calls.  Phones do not allow for the depth of presentation nor details during live or on demand videos.  But you CAN use your phone if you like. Video on Demand is available after the calls for those who want to work privately.  You can the course start anytime.

Introduction to Health, Alchemy, Nourishment, Assessment
– Course begins Spring 2022, Summer 2022, Fall 2022 – live class >>> or use the Video on Demand feature and lead your own group or do personal work.

This module taken alacarte is $299
More information CLICK HERE

​Health  Assessment – Course II
68 hours total – January 6, 2021 begins live calls

Sclerology, Iridology, Tongue and Pulse reading, Exam, Intake, Anatomy/Physiology
This module taken alacarte is $699
More information CLICK HERE

Medicinal Herbal Nutrition and Use – Course III – 32 hours total
This module is $325 ala carte from program
This course can be taken alone at any time
Set dates are on Mondays in 2022
​January 10, 2022 – same times below and more descriptions coming
Feb 21, 2022
March 21, 2022
May 30, 2022
August 1, 2022
September 26, 2022
Contact me for Monday private appointments for those wanting to go deeper.
More information CLICK HERE
Anatomy Physiology Course IV – 20 hours total
Learn Anatomy with more fun, then embodying the learning in our own bodies.  You might feel a stronger connection to all of life!
Summer 2022
This course is $249 ala carte, starts (est.) 
​Learn more CLICK HERE

Foundational Nutrition Course V – 40 hours Starts January January 5, 2022, runs through April 20, 2022

For more information CLICK HERE
This course alacarte is $399

Chemistry As Process and Frequency Translation
Course VI – 10 hours (est) starts May 4, 2022 through June 1, 2022

For more information CLICK HERE
This module is $149 alacarte

Cooking and Food/Herb Preparation Course VII – 10 hours total

Learn in an EduTainment format = fun, engaged, and challenging.  This course is a must for anyone wanting to learn the fine art of food preparation.

More information HERE

This module alacarte is $149 – and can be audited – inquire as to those dates available.

Holistology Course VIII – Body, Mind, Spirit and Health all fit together – 10 hours 
More information HERE
This module alacarte is $149

Translating Eastern – Western, Science Integration with Traditional Health Systems
Course IX – 8 hours

More information HERE
​This module is $99 alacarte

Learning “The Body of the Earth” Course X – 8
hours How Soil and Plants Grown in alignment with Nature affect Nutrition – More information HERE ​This module is $149 alacarte

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