Blood Sugar and Inflammation 7-10 Day Power Program

Why the 10-Day Blood Sugar Program?
• Great way to help bring blood sugar levels to normal ranges
• A simple program easily incorporated into your everyday routine
• This program is chosen for people based on blood test results, BMI, specific symptoms, Toxicity Questionnaire, and/or Systems Survey Form results
• This program helps changes underlying choice patterns that are not healthy.

Do you have any of these symptoms?
? Are you gaining fat around your waistline?
? Are you hungry between meals?
? Is your eyesight getting blurry?
? Do you suffer from poor circulation or numbness in your hands or feet?
? Are you waking up multiple times per night and not waking refreshed?
? Then this cleanse will get you started to getting these issues healed.

See more here – BloodSugar WhoShould
And foods here – DietaryGuidelines_web
And the entire program overview – BloodSugar_ProgramOverview_Final

Take this survey to see if you might want this: Pre-Post Blood Sugar Survey

If you decide this is for you, we have videos, support materials and a great office staff!
Without SP Complete meal mix $149 special price (plus a free 4oz bottle of Home-grown Gynostemma Adaptogen)
With SP Complete Delicious Vanilla or Chocolate = $199 special price (save over $25 plus 40z bottle Gynostemma Home-grown by Health Alkemy)

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720 River Street
River Street Wellness Center, Unit 4
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(831) 325-3174
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