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Craig offers detailed nutritional counseling sessions to help you transform your health.rainbow

  • An initial consultation is one hour long and costs $250 (as of Jan 1 2018).  This includes a complete assessment, a package of health documents, a report of my findings, a plan of action, and diet, health recommends that are sent within 3-4 weeks of the initial visit.  (We “mull over” your visit, then spend some time putting together the reports.)
  • Ala-carte visits are ($150 per hour as of Jan 1 2018) – these do not include the mulling over service, but this is often a good option for those who only have some acute issues.
  • Advocate services ($150 per houras of Jan 1 2018) – Craig can sit it with your doctor visit and help you navigate the medical system with more satisfaction.  He can also help you with lab work analysis, or ordering helpful labs.  He can help you ask the right questions, or send you exploring the web for outside the box answers about your health condition.
  • Detoxification protocols (prices vary from $25 to $299) from 3 to 21 days.  Focus can be on the intestines, liver, kidneys, lungs, heavy metals, candida or other pathogen overgrowth.
  • Full body health assessment ($200) – we do a complete assessment of your health and fund risk factors other practitioners might miss.  We can also explore your root causes for your situation.  We use a thorough exam, iris, tongue and sclera photos, pulse analysis, and a large variety of forms to fill out.
  • Lab work analysis:  Hair mineral analysis, blood work, saliva testing, urine testing and much more.
    • Hair Mineral Analysis – cost of test and interpretation (intial $100) (follow up $75)
    • Basic Lab work – cost of labs and interpretation $75
    • Hair Mineral and Blood Labs combo pack – Initial $150, Follow up $125
  • Practitioner / Doctor Consulting ($150 per hour as of Jan 1 2018) – we can help with tough cases any doctor cannot figure out whether you are an MD, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist.  We can offer Nutritional and Herbal solutions along with yoga, self-care, and other practical means to heal.
  • Bodywork services ($80 per hour) – Shiatsu and acupressure, Swedish with essential oils, Polarity, and Energy balancing.
  • Guerilla Health Home Weekend Half-Day, or Full Day or Full Weekend workshops.  ANY person who will host 10-20 people can get a free workshop for hosting, and we show up and teach.  Prices typically are around $50 per person for a simple Dinner or Meal workshop.

It is recommended that the first three appointments be one hour long.

Please give yourself at least 3-6 months time for improvements from chronic degenerative conditions.

Often the effects of nutrition take time. Our goal is to minimize your pain and suffering. Symptom relief from many common ailments can be alleviated in a few weeks, but many take more than a year.

We offer 30 minute appointments at $50, as a cost effective way to guide you through the process.  Or 15 minute quick appointments for $25.

You CAN learn to…

  • Adjust long-term imbalances in your health through whole food and herbal supplements, dietary cleansing, improved nutrition and eating habits.
  • Lose weight by eating the right foods for your unique human body. Not by following ‘a diet’.
  • Have more energy than you ever thought possible.  How to work with energy, not waste it.
  • Change your self-care habits over time.
  • Learn to love the flavor of true food. Not surprisingly, it’s the foods our ancestors ate. A combination of health fat, lean protein, wild and cultured foods, raw dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, health carbohydrates will vary by person.  Our job is to help you find your optimal fuel mixture.  Some need more protein and fat, while others do well with higher carbohydrate and lower protein and fat.
  • Get involved in a community of people who can offer wonderful recipes, health support and encuoragement, and offer support.  Links are here: 
    • Make Your Dreams Come True (goal setting and psychology/emotionality/soul level of becoming whole – DreamsTrue
    • Google Drive conversations, comments, support, goal setting, more
    • Health Alkemy Support Group
    • Mens/Womens groups
  • Get help with athletic training, and optimizing your workouts with special foods and herbs recommended just for you.

In order to overcome a lifetime of poor eating, you need to re-educate both your mind and you palate about what good food really is: fresh, whole, and unprocessed.

Did you know that most Americans do not eat enough of the right fats such as raw, virgin, minimally processed olive, coconut, hemp seed, flax, sesame, real raw or cultured butter, and more?

Did you know that when the body gets the right foods,  we feel less ‘hungry’?

Same Day of Service Payment Policy

 In order to continue to provide quality care to our clients we are instituting a same day payment policy.  We are continuing to wave sales tax on ALL orders (a 10% discount).  Alternative payment policy may be available to better serve your needs and must be discussed prior to services rendered.  We ask for 50% or more of the cost of service to be paid day of, with a commitment to pay the remainder within 30 days.  Any remaining balance is subject to a fee of $5.00 per months, from day of service.  If balance is not paid in 90 days, we will charge an additional 10% of balance.  

Payment Policy will be effective as of May 1, 2014.

We are happy to work with individuals to make a plan that is both effective and sustainably designed to your needs.  Speak with our office representative today to find the best options for you.


Thank you very much!

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720 River Street
River Street Wellness Center, Unit 4
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 325-3174
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