What is Orgonite?orgone pendants
It is a product easily made from inexpensive crystals, metal shavings, and resin.  More complicated and larger pieces require copper wire, copper tubing, and more expensive crystals.
The origin of these “devices” is based on the work of Wilhelm Reich and his Orgone Energy.  Go to this link to learn more.
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How can it help me?
It balances and corrects negative frequencies from HAARP, Cell towers, Smart Meters, WiFi, Microwaves, Refrigerators, and more. It aligns us with Earth’s natural frequency.  This helps us have more energy, less inflammation, and feel at ease.

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What it does?  The many orgone devices help plants grow bigger and stronger, people be healthier, clouds reverse to normal from man-made manipulation – fewer droughts and weather extremes, and transforms chaotic energy to healthy.  Click here for detailed.

How to make it?  Easily made from a few ingredients mentioned earlier.  Click here for more info.
orgonite in processWe can make ANY type of device you like.  Any color, any crystal, dried herbs, special metal shavings, sentimental objects from your life, any shape, and size limited to smaller pieces at this workshop.  They make great gifts!

Prices = $2 to $20 and  well below web and other retail prices.


Main info – links

Public lecture – helpful explanations and science

Field Orgonite

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720 River Street
River Street Wellness Center, Unit 4
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(831) 325-3174
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