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You can now buy a seasonal cleanse package:macro-sprout

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Each season has a dominant organ system, and to get the most out of that organ’s cleansing, we can clear and clean it more efficiently by doing a detox in that time of year.
Example would be to do kidney during the winter.

We offer 21 day programs, that are easy, fulfilling in that you DO NOT HAVE TO STARVE OR GO HUNGRY!  They have very simple options to many other more challenging.  You tailor your cleanse to what you want to get out of it.  And if you know what is out of balance, then you can choose that organ or area to cleanse or focus on.  We suggest going through the entire year, doing a seasonal cleanse for 21 days.  These would be:

  1. Winter is the Kidney and Bladder
  2. Spring is the Liver and Gall Bladder
  3. Summer is the Small intestine and Cardiovascular system
  4. Fall is the Large intestine and the Respiratory system
  5. We also offer a 10 day pancreas and blood sugar cleanse for $149 – choose option 2 from the Paypal button below and let us know you chose this option via our contact info at this site.

We offer three options, for the budget friendly, to the ones who have more $$$ to invest, which we recommend.  We recommend reading the entire three options before choosing. See below:

  1. $49 – You get five powerpoint presentations, in easy to open PDF format, five links to YouTube videos and all the paperwork you need to complete a 7-21 day purification.  Supplements and herbs will be mentioned, but not included in the package.  This option does NOT offer any advice or consulting.  We highly advise only those who know what they are doing to take this option.
  2. $149 – You get an intake form emailed to you, you send it back via a scanned document, or via snail mail, or drop off at the office.  We give you one 30 minute consultation before your cleanse, then one 15 minute at the one week point, then another as the cleanse ends.  No supplements or herbs are provided in this package deal.  This option includes the powerpoints and YouTube video links, along with all the paperwork you need to do a great cleanse!
  3. $249 – You get all the options provided by the first two, AND an incredible deal of $150 worth of herbs and supplements mailed to you or for pick up at the office.  This only applies to the US.  Shipping is not included in this price, typically runs from $9 to $20.  We will bill you for this later.  International orders would have to be negotiated.

Please contact us at or call 831-325-3174 to let us know you bought a package, and tell us which one you choose.  We will confirm once Paypal or your check/cash comes in.  Then we will get you started!

Payment options – go to the Paypal link – click here (scroll to bottom of page to pay)
If you like to pay via check, then make out to Craig Lane and mail to Health Alkemy, 700 River Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060


Any of these programs below – call our office 831-325-3174 or email

Ten Day Blood Sugar Regulation program $149

Click here to see if this program is for you –BloodSugar WhoShould

 Ten Day Inflammation Killer Program $149

Click here to see if this is right for you – Inflammation_Brochure_web

Female/Male Vitality Program $149

Click here to see if this is right for you – FemaleVitality_Brochure_web

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