Introduction to Alchemy – transformation and change

Digestion is primary to good health

I often say, “What we can’t digest, digests us.”  Our bodies expend energy to digest food, then get energy back from the food.  If we

consume foods that require more energy to digest than we get back, we get “old age degeneration.”  If we cannot get at the food faster than the microbes which live inside all of us, then THEY digest the food.  Can you see if your gut microbes are out of balance what might happen?

Learn to move from sincerity and see what health really is.  There is much confusion about nutrition.  But the ways of eating from desire are likely going to bring suffering.  What is more important, your desires, or your health?

Becoming accustomed to eating whole, fresh foods means that you will eventually want less and less of the things we love to indulge in, like chocolate, pastries, and lattes. And when you do indulge, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that these longed-for goodies no longer seem to pack the same punch. Yes, you MAY be asked to give up coffee and sugar, but it’s not that hard when you get to eat moderate amounts of cultured cream, cultured butter, raw honey and the most wonderful fresh vegetables and fruits. And moderate amounts of protein, of course, including meat for meat eaters. Despite the vegan and low-fat claims that long-lived people do not eat flesh foods, this has been shown to be their own bias and without much direct evidence from our ancestors.  Please go to this link for the most scientific and well-investigated information about this – (

At some point, you may need to cleanse your system of built up toxins.  Our bodies have filtering and transforming functions, and they must be “tuned-up,” just like your car, right?  This is actually the not-so-secret secret of health.  Take in, enjoy, let it go.  And take in the most efficient fuel, not poor quality stuff that leaves alot of residue and takes more energy to digest than it gives back to the body, right?


Do we ever arrive at perfect health, we might ask?

But, seeing more subtlety, feeling more sensitivity, and riding a current of what many call, “The Natural State” becomes more obvious.  Having more energy and enthusiasm are also side-effects.  But pursued for their own end usually results in suffering eventually.  Embodiment is about living what we know to be true, no matter what the cost. Living from this uncontrived natural state offers the resources of the entire universe (The One, The Unborn) as opposed to our own contrived notions about what is good or bad for us or others.

Living from this place feels as if one is riding a raft down a river. We can control where on the river the boat (being) goes, but at the mercy of where the river is going. It can be very uncomfortable as conditioning from the past resists not being in control anymore.

This is a very subtle and confusing process, but it is also our birthright. Our health, clarity, enthusiasm, drives, compulsions, and sense of connection all improve with letting go of resistance and “letting the river carry us.”

Surrender. What does it feel like? Can we get out of our heads and concepts and really feel? What does it mean to really be here, in this moment?


Embodied Health – what is it?  What does Health Alchemy mean?
American Heritage dictionary defines embodiment as “to give a bodily form to.” Another definition is “to make part of a system.” In my 15 years of health teaching and clinical work, this is the missing link.  We must live and feel our own experience.  And feel, and taste, and explore, and investigate.

Health alchemy is the process that always goes on in life, without our human ideas about “what should be.”  But we, as co-creators of our own lives, can change, alter, add, or let go of anything we like.  And, a little secret is the ultimate creator is Thy Will Be Done.

The beauty of trying a food, herb, or experience, then seeing the effects is my passion.  Alchemy is a process of forces, elements, and phenomena changing to something else.  In dis-ease, these forces and elements are at odds with others, put very simply.  In health, they are all present and aligned.  In the modern world, most of us are not  getting enough of the right proportions of minerals, elements, and energies.  In my practice (life is a practice, have you noticed?), constant study, detective work, and living ALL of myself mean I am aligned with the river of my life.  Think of me as a guide on your path down your own river.

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