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Health Alkemy Introduction part 1 – click here
Health Alkemy Intro part 2 – click here

Yoga Postures
Tibetan Rites part I – click here
Tibetan Rites part II – click here
Downward Dog Release – click here
Energizing Exercises part I – click here
Energizing Exercises part II – click here
Energizing Exercises part III – click here

3-minute Miracles in Self Care
3-minute Miracles in Health – click here
Toning Seven – click here
Sun Salute – click here
Cross-country ski hops – click here
Dry Skin Brushing – click here
3 Deep Breaths – click here
Breath of Fire / Skull Shining – click here
Circular Inward Breath – click here
Alternate Nostril Breathing – click here
Savasana Bodyscan – click here
Shiatsu Tap – click here
Shoulder Shrugs – click here
Projections – click here

Miscellaneous Information
Cleansing Information – click here
Oil Pulling – click here
Coffee enema – click here

2013 Video Blogs

Week 1: Healthy Alkemy Blog – click here

Week 2: Self-Inquiry and Self-Knowledge – click here

Week 3: The Digestive Properties of Awareness – click here

Week 4: Climbing the Emotional Scale – click here

Week 5: Water Element, DNA, Cleansing & More – click here

Week 6: Hair Mineral Analysis, An Effective Cheap Assessment Method  – click here

Week 7: The “Mind” of Nature – click here

Week 8: Growth Vs. Tearing-Down Factors in the Body – click here

Week 9: The Container – click here

Week 10: Fresh Foods, The Value of Raw, Enzymes, & Bone/Connective Tissue Health click here

Week 11: Immune System Digestion – click here

Week 12: Duality – click here

Week 13: Brain Health is Gut Health – click here

Week 14: Find a Way to Raise Energy – click here

Week 15: Holding Ourselves to a Higher Standard (in Health) – click here

Week 16: Pain, Injury, Trauma: Moving On, What To Do, Orientation Inside – click here

Week 17: Human & Plant Complimentary Opposites – click here

Week 18: Various Nutritional Types (Positives & Negatives) – click here

Week 19: Fate AND Destiny – click here

Bonus: Exploring Concentric Layers of Density via Body Scanning – click here

Week 20: Exploring the Fire Element by Sitting by a Fire – click here

Week 21: Expending Energy in Digestion to Receive Energy – click here

Week 22: The Deathbed Game (Inquiry for Decisions) – click here

Week 23: Free Radicals Part I – click here

Week 24: Free Radicals Part II, What to do? – click here

Week 25: Being Prepared Ahead of Time for Illness and Injury – click here

Week 26: Relativities, Relationships, and Reality – click here

Week 27: Compassion & The Cure of “The Disease of the White Man.” Part I – click here

Week 28:Compassion and the cure of “the Disease of the white man” part 2 – click here

Week 29: food intolerances choices and solutions – click here

Week 30: surviving and thriving in the modern world –click here

Week 31: awareness is a hunter.. – click here

Week 32: specific self-inquiries, how/when to use them – click here

Week 33: the medication myth part 1- click here

Week 34:the  medication myth part 2- click here

Week 35: the freshness of vacation in daily life- click here

Week 36:stalking your own experience- click here

Week 37: finding the gold in the shadow- click here

Week 38:thriving or tolerating? (foods emotions and more)- click here

Week 39: when to fight or let go- click here

Week 40:examining a craving/impulse- click here

Week 41: remembering to use our inner tools- click here 

Week 42: Mantras, Affirmations, viruses in our programing- click here   

Week 43: Science is a religion- click here

Week 44: The metal Element, Autumn, Breath, Skin,and more- click here

Week 45: Plutonic Touch, Why is it important- click here 

Week 46: We are Being Cooked?- click here

Week 47: Suppression of the Healthy Masculine- click here

Week 48: What is your Mission or Dream?- click here

Week 49: Dealing with the Corporatocracy- click here

Week 50: Creating 2014 together- click here

Week 51: Seeing Life from the Inside Out- click here

Week 52: Some Last Words and Preview of 2014- click here


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