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Building and Tearing Down – Always occurring

I am here to talk about how things work in our bodies.  There are many processes occurring that are misunderstood.  When I studied Chinese medicine, I learned about opposites, and how in nature and thus, in our bodies, things offset and balance each other without human intervention.  This balancing act occurs naturally and harmoniously, though at times it seems like it is not.

Our bodies are constantly building up and tearing down.  For example, our bones have two kinds of cells: ones that build bone, and others that tear it down.  Our organs and tissues have growth factors called protomorphogens, and breakdown factors, called auto-antibodies and other things.  When these are out of balance, problems can occur.

Things can get out of balance when we do not provide our bodies with real fresh food, that are the bricks of our structure, so to speak.  We can also eat too much, rest too little, ingest excessive harmful chemicals and drugs/medications which also interfere with our bodies natural processes.  Anti-biotics given when not really needed is one example of this.

A paraphrase from Janet Lang, a Master Endocrinologist about building up and tearing down is quite applicable to this paper.  It is about how our bodies need constant repair molecules, called “real food.”  And how what we are told is simply lies or ignorance, “We feel that the parts that go into our planes have nothing to do with the safety and performance of the plane.  We can get junk parts, recycled materials, rusted and old metals, to build our planes.  This is the position of the health care industry.  Can any other industry in this country get away with an argument like this?”

This kind of reasoning limits our bodies, and tearing down increases, while building up suffers.  We get pain, degenerated joints, leaky gut, skin problems, osteoporosis, cancers, AIDS, and heart disease.

Did you know the rates of polio increased dramatically following the introduction of white flour?  Did you know heart disease and many other diseases increased dramatically following the introduction of white sugar, processed vegetable oils, and refined grains?

There is good news.  My own example can help.  I broke my neck in a car accident 25 years ago.  I was told I could never do the things I do, and still enjoy.  Things like surfing, running, yoga, and many types of exercise.

Did you know that there is an MD who treats rodeo riders with twisted spines, so bad you could not believe and they are pain free?  Did you know that our bones have circulation, tiny blood vessels that get blocked when we eat poorly, that tear down faster than they build up when we do not take care of ourselves?  Did you know our gut lining is being renewed every 3-7 days?  This rapid cell turnover demands a lot of nutrients.  If we do not get them, our gut becomes leaky, and our immune system must respond to the undigested food.  We get inflamed.  This is the basis for sinus congestion.

There is more good news.  Did you know that our blood is always kept in a very pure state, as a priority?  And that this is why medicine cannot “treat you” until the blood markers are “out of the reference range.”  Because the body will go to any lengths to keep the blood full of minerals, full of hemoglobin, rid of toxins and toxic debris.  Because of this, when we get “diagnosed,” it is often a very late stage of degeneration and the last vestiges of adaptation to a diet and lifestyle that does not work for the person.

There is even more good news.  If you alive in a body, there is ALWAYS hope.  Did you know I have seen and helped hundreds of people written off by medicine as “untreatable.”  People who had chronic pain.  Another with so much heat in her body that she has to go around with a portable fan?  Did you know that we have many helpers in our gut, little critters that help our bodies metabolism, detoxification, and cell structure?  They set up little colonies that do not allow pathogens to camp out.  Did you know that our body is so intelligent that when we take in synthetically derived nutrients like ascorbic acid or most B-vitamins, our liver and body will work overtime to clear them?  This is why our urine gets so colored, so quickly, and why these type of “nutrients” need to be given in megadoses.

Did you know that megadoses of affection and love often lead to greater health, better sleep, and longer life?  Did you know that self-love and acceptance will change our inner cell structure, even our DNA?  (See The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton)

In closing, I would like to say that humans can live much longer than we are taught, and we can live a full rich life without degeneration or suffering.  We have been given so many good health templates over thousands of years, by many, many heartfelt teachers and leaders.  My job is to point those who want to listen, back to the road of harmony and health, back to our natural birthright of constant balance of regeneration and tear-down.

We can feel this as peace, satisfaction, and contentment.

In wellness,

Craig Lane 2011

To see the full article, click here: Degeneration and Regeneration


May 24th Update – Raw milk link

Raw milk is both healthy and highly nutrient rich

Open Letter to FDA’s Dairy Head, John Sheehan: Why Hide Serious Government Data on Raw Milk Drinkers?  Click the link below to see the real truth about milk.

Cell Phone information – Ingrid Naiman

This woman really knows her stuff.  Please follow this link for excellent data, opinion, and exploration of the how much our health is affected by cell phone and other radiation.

Here is a small excerpt: “The issues are significant enough that a day will come when the research and law suits dwarf the issues raised by smoking. Try to imagine a time when to make a call using a cellular phone, you can not be commuting using public transportation, can not be standing in an office building where others are working, or can not even be outside on a public sidewalk. If you think this is far-fetched, you are stuck in 2011 and not seeing the handwriting on the wall.”

Cell link

May 1st, 2011 Update

What’s on my mind is the mind and body connection.  How a seemingly personal process fits in with all the totality of our planet, solar system, galaxy.  I see posts and journals and newsletters talking about energy medicine, core healing, and new discoveries.   And I feel alot of enthusiasm and hope when I hear about people helping each other in catastrophes. I feel warm when I see the look of improvement on a client’s face, opening up like a long dormant flower.

I have seen that the mind of those who are sick in body, usually have impaired mental and emotional functions too.  Imbalance always shows in the totality.  The teachings I studied and practiced so long, over 20 years, have shown me few certainties.  But those it did were universal and rock solid, like all things must change.  That life in this realm could not exist without division, duality, or opposites.  My “practice” has taught me humility, and to always start in all things with “I don’t know.”

The other things my studies and life have taught me is that there are mediators, things that translate, or change into other things.  Like how we think a thought, then identify with it, and becomes an emotion.  Like magic!  Like how we see something lovely, and our chest can open up.   Or we smell something familiar, like from childhood, and it brings us back to a memory.  The senses are these mediators for consciousness.

For the body – mind mediator, we have blood, lymph, nerves, hormones, energy flows, and connective tissue.  How we keep our body, our vehicle in shape determines some of our well-being.  Can we build a solid home out of junk parts?  So why are we sold this delusion that what we put in our bodies has very little to do with our state of being, our health, our vitality?  Those who know, know the answer, and cannot speak it.  Those who are interested find the truth.

One of these truths is revealed in this short video

Enjoy!  Craig

March 10, 2011 update

*Practical updates for living in harmony*

***Go to this link to let your voice be heard against Monsanto and the GMO false foods now stocking our store shelves, even organic.  All beets, alfalfa, corn, soy, and more are GMO, and controlled by this company.  Farmers cannot save seed anymore without threat of litigation and harassment.

Millions Against Monsanto click here

***Approximately 2/3 of the products sold by Whole Foods Market and their main distributor, United Natural Foods (UNFI) are not certified organic, but rather are conventional (chemical-intensive and GMO-tainted) foods and products disguised as “natural.”

Go to this link to read more: FoodFreedom



February 2011

The great debate about when to eat?

I am interested in this link that was sent to me as a discussion topic.

Click this link to read about the “expert” opinions.


I check this once a week, sometime between saturday and tuesday.  And update the discussions and moderate them.

I will be offering my own perspective next week, so please contact me via the website, facebook, or send a message via word press.

On good health,


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