Genetic Basis For Vaccine Injury

Below is a message from our highly respected colleague, Michael McEvoy, from MetabolicHealing – Empowering Your Health. In it he discusses the correlation between our genetics and our predisposition to vaccine related injuries.


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I would like to inform you that there are a number of genetic mutations, which should serve as a primary qualification for vaccine medical exemption for affected individuals. These are statistically significant heritable risk factors, which have been documented in the scientific literature (Reif, et al 2008).

I have developed a 23andme genetic test analysis software program, which screens for the same 6 genetic variants which were published in a 2008 study on vaccine injury (Reif, et al 2008).

Any person can order a 23andme genetic test for $99.

The raw data file which is included in all 23andme reports, is then automatically screened by my software program. Purchasers of my report are immediately emailed a PDF with the list of variants and the status of those gene variants. The report also includes descriptions on each gene’s function, citations to the 2008 study, and links to the appropriate research.

I am making my report available for only $37. In addition to the literature-cited 6 genetic vaccine injury SNPs, my report screens for an additional 250 or so SNPs.
If you or your clients have 23andme results, you can purchase my report at the link below:

On a personal clinical note, back in May I began working with a 56-year old female, who had only months prior experienced severe vaccine injury, the extent of which is still being experienced. Once she began working with me, I screened her 23andme report only to find homozygous status (double mutations) in 3 of the 6 vaccine risk factor gene SNPs, while heterozygous status in the other 3.

Needless to say, if she or her doctor was aware of the heritable risk factors, months of severe suffering, and medically-induced iatrogenesis could have been avoided.

Thanks for all of your work on these matters.

-Michael McEvoy

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