Spring Into Yourself New You Cleanse

 Traditionally, this is the time of year when our ancestors would let go of rich foods and eliminate others, such as sugar and alcohol, during the practice of Lent and practice “spring cleaning.”  We are continuing this tradition, by leading a liver cleanse mid March.
For our group cleanses, we use the dominant energy already running, in this case Spring sunlight getting stronger, and warmer weather.  But in terms of the inner organs, the Liver, Gall Bladder – or Wood Element in Chinese medicine, have more “juice” so to speak as this is their season in the yearly circadian rhythm.
To get the most out of seasonal cleanses, Health Alkemy honors Chinese Medicines identification that life has a circadian rhythm.  In this case, we are honoring liver which has its time in the Spring.  When we focus our cleansing and energy on this organ, we have ‘juice’ sort of speak, to get the most out of our cleansing.
The liver is like a worker behind a Take-A-Number line.  It has a moment to moment and daily tasks to complete.  It also must break down the food, and envorinmental toxins.  The more we give it, the longer the line.  And as the line goes “out the door” so to speak, we end up with symptoms.  That poor worker is overwhelmed, and cannot handle the load.  Our cleanses offer that help by using herbs, supplements, food changes, and special foods.
Our cleanses offer raw food supplements, herbs grown by, or wild crafted, by our founder, Craig, or organically sourced.  We focus on foods to favor during our cleanses, not depriving of tasty foods either.   Cleansing is always done best when eating only vegetables and fruits, with juices, and fasting, but in today’s world, most cannot commit to taking off 21 days to do so.  We know successful cleansing while maintaining our normal lives requires we get enough protein and fat for energy.  So, we have modified our cleanses for people wanting to work, and offer custom ways to make it work for you.
Nonetheless, we also offer daily/weekly challenges, for those who want to/can go deeper, and reach the next level of their health.  We offer to meet anyone where they are and take them deeper as they can.
What do you get for this cleanse
  • Expert 3-part 21 day cleanse: 7 days each of 1) desludge, loosen stuck matter, and remove mucoid plaque, 2) bind, drain, stabilize and continue desludge, use short fasting and challenges, 3) Nourish the stomach, upper Intestines, and Liver/Gall Bladder.  Craig has been leading group cleanses for 10 years.
  • Daily emails and/or Private Facebook page posts for inspiration, information and entertainment.  We call it Edutainment
  • Group interactions, support, challenge and reflection
  • Recipes that work, are tasty, and easy to make
  • Assessment via photos, and intake forms before and after (available to anyone who wishes them sent – evaluation is personal, if want professional evaluation, then discounted rate of $49)
  • Videos, presentations, and live talks beginning and ending of cleanse, plus one more available for support during the cleanse by request of anyone in the group.
Price $349 (if prepaid before January 1st 2018 – only $299)
Free Talk March 11, 6-7PM
Ending talk April 8th 6-7pm
RSVP for call number, or come in person to 720 River street.
Cleanse starts 3/18/18
Contact 831-325-3174, email healthalkemy@gmail.com or come by in person to our office to reserve a spot.
Deposit $100 required.  Payment in full once cleanse starts or ask about assistance.

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  • Two Sundays/month (by appointment/phone)

Contact us at healthalkemy@gmail.com for more details.


720 River Street
River Street Wellness Center, Unit 4
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 325-3174
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