Post Holiday New You CleanseProgram

Begins January 14th and runs through February 4th.  Call the office 831-325-3174 or email Health  $349 includes everything (if pay by January 1st it’s $299).  This cleanse can be done via or online option at ANY time.  Ask us about this or go to this link – ONLINE

Video talk on Facebook – 

Powerpoint Presentation accompanies talk – WinterCleanse Prepweek

In all of our cleanses we offer this:

  • Proper assessment – finds out how much vitality you have (a tired body will not detox), where your congestion and imbalances are, where you are strong, what your goals are, what your abilities are, and life circumstances.
  • Group support
  • Ours allows YOU to choose how deep you want to go, and you will know based on your exam even if you can go deep.
  • Health Alkemy cleanses are not deprivation cleanses.  You can eat all the food you want, from a list of daily foods.
  • It’s simple: take your herbs and supplements, eat what’s on the list (if its not on the one page list, you cannot eat it, is that simple or what?), and do the daily and weekly challenges if you are up to it
  • Or do the most simple cleanse – just take the herbs/supplements, and eat the foods on the list

People often ask, “Why should I cleanse?”  As a Holistologist, I know illnesses, symptoms, and health issues can have almost a maddening list of possibilities for ROOT CAUSE.  One teacher of mine once said (to my dismay at the time), “Anything can cause anything.”  With that being said, look at this list:

Why Are Our Kidneys Important?

In Winter our kidneys and organs associated with the Water element are in a heightened state.  This is why we do seasonal cleansing – we get more leverage into each organ’s health.  Important problems and symptoms that might be caused or aggravated by poor kidney function:

  • Fever
  • Rashes / Skin problems
  • irritated eyes
  • Cramps
  • Weak knees or other knee problems
  • Infections
  • Edema
  • Dryness
  • Irritated nerves
  • Asthma
  • Poor Lung Function

What we need to do is take action BEFORE the kidneys are compromised.  Dialysis is big business, and in the past three years I have seen in increase of more than tripled the amounts of clients and people I know going on, or are on, dialysis.  Dialysis is simply put, an out-of-body-mechanical-filter.
Would you like to be hooked up to those either daily or a few times a week?  It’s not fun having the catheter surgically hooked up also.

We have the solution at Health Alkemy.  Its simple.  Cleanse at least once a year, better even to do one every season, if you have never done any and have the vitality to do so.  Click this link to see some more good info about how food becomes us – not waste LINK


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720 River Street
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