Health Science Series

Health Science Series –  Experimental, dates to be set, looking for feedback
This is where science meets the unseen.  Join us, first class is free to try it out!

There are ways to see into ourselves besides what we are taught

Drawing upon physiology, the chakra system, archetypes, psychology, process work, meditation, and improvisation, this class series is designed to be a fun way to get into direct experience of of our body, emotions, and subtle energies.  We are excited to offer a way to have fun and explore ourselves.  $20 per class prepaid ($25 drop-in) or $100 for the whole series of 6 prepaid.  We will taste teas associated with the theme of the day with herbs directed at each of us, smell a theme essence, receive and give safe touch, learn to gaze and see into ourselves and others, and chant, sing or tone various sounds. words, and phrases designed to help us feel alive, clear, and loved.

We will also be exploring how measurable parameters of our body change before and after each event.  Using Applied Kinesiology, pendulum (yes, it may seem woo woo but try it out!), photographs of tongue, eyes, pulse checking, trigger point massage, and so much more.

The classes meet Sawyer Chiropractic, 700 River Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060

  1. Introduction and Broad Overview (This class is designed to experience   all the senses and upcoming activities.  Think of this series as a biochemical, emotional, energetic, and astral journey of exploration)  You can attend both for the price of one class.  Try it out.
  2. First Level, The Earth Being, The Wild Man and Woman (We begin with experiencing our root level awareness, the most dense part of ourselves.  How do we connect with Nature/The Earth, and our inner nature?)
  3. Second Level, The Lover (We explore emotions, the water element, our sexuality and creative drive in ways that will uplift us.)
  4. Third Level, The Warrior (We explore the fire element, the part of us that slices through illusion, cuts through obstacles while still honoring others)
  5. Fourth Level, The King or Queen (This is the bridge of matter and spirit.  Our heart.  When we make decisions from this wholesome place, all benefit, all get to participate, and abundance expands.  This part of ourselves is the mediator that is always present, prior to our conditioning, and is always present.  Discover for yourself the “uncaused joy” of your own being.)
  6. Fifth Level, The Expressive One (We explore how we express our desires, our dreams, and our stuck places.  How do we grieve and let go?  How do we move through difficult circumstances?  How can we honor others and still express our true self?  This is more of an open-ended discussion than us showing the answers.)
  7. Sixth Level, The Trickster, The Coyote, The Dualist (We all have a part that seduces us away from our dreams.  This part is the one who lives in light and dark, plays devils-advocate, plays games and sabotages our lives at times it seems.  Explore with us this part that really just wants to have a good time, make us laugh and not take life so seriously.  This is the lesson of the Trickster.  Comedians often play out this role in our society.)

Seventh Level, The Cook/Magician, The Sage (We all have a part that loves putting foods, spices, and our love into a pot, so to speak, and transform it into something better than the individual parts.  This is the one in Zen, said to say that tells us, “Everything is perfectly managed in the Unborn.”  This is the part that makes the seemingly unreal, real.  The part that we cannot see into something we can see and touch.  And it is the part that dissolves the solid into something we can no longer see, but exists beyond our senses.  Sure to be a lively and brain-shocking evening.)

A link will be posted soon to sign up via Brown Paper Tickets, please sign up if interested: call 831-425-3383.  Or contact us via

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720 River Street
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