Falling Into Wholeness – Group Cleanse Colon and Lung

Scroll down for Fall Cleanse audio recording about this cleanse (about 10 minutes)

This fall cleanse is designed to go deep and shed what no longer serves us.  Much like nature, we will be turning our energy inward in the upcoming months.  This is a 21 day cleanse and Day 11 involves a fasting or liquid diet challenge.  We have three optional meetings.  And we have group support, atreebridge proven recipe booklet full of delicious recipes, and learning from someone who has proven the skill of detoxification.

Phase I – September 30 – October 9th
Colon focus.  The colon’s contents are either sent to the rectum for poop, absorbed via portal veins to liver, or absorbed via lymph (your fat in diet) to general circulation.  When the colon’s function as “Seweage Treatment Plant” is overwhelmed, then the returning lymph and portal veins get sludgy, and congest the liver, gall bladder, and lymph system.  We feel this as “sinus congestion” or can manifest as lung or chest complaints.  So in the general wisdom of detoxification, if one has lung issues, to de-sludge and detox and decongest the intestines.

This is why if we want to affect lung function, it’s best to start with the Colon.
We will be taking a form of Binders like Fo0d-Grade clay, special herbals, decongestant supplements and herbs, special diet that is easy to follow.  Many deeper options like enemas, Bhandas, Yoga postures, Movements.

“Day-Off” or Challenge October 10th = If doing the entire 21 day cleanse, then this day we do either a water/herbal tea fast, or a liquid diet.  Such as watery soups, juices with added calories like yogurt, avocado, bee pollen, etc…

Phase II – October 11th – 21st = Lung / Respiratory Focus
This phase works much better to get the lungs working better, and sinus air flow, once some of the sludge is removed “from the bottom of the lake” = the colon.  But for those who want a simple 10-day cleanse, then our focus this 10 day period is decongesting the Colon AND Lung, with some of, and smaller amounts of the items listed in Phase I.  We will be using proven herbs, supplements, diet changes, and also an easy to use one-page document showing what foods one can eat during this 10-day.

We will be using Breathing exercises, yoga postures, special self-care like dry skin brushing, along with daily intake of special lung herbs like mullein, and foods for the lung, and supplements known and proven to detox, desludge, and improve lung function.

Full 21-day = $349
10-day cleanse = choose Lung or Colon Phases $199

Introductory recording about this cleanse:


Meetings (Upstairs 720 River Street Office – Health Alkemy, Santa Cruz CA 95060)

Motivational Talk Sunday September 23rd 6-7pm,   + exam and questions, and dialogue an hour or so after each date.  The talk will be recorded, so one can listen via the web.  If no attendance will have a small fee to schedule the exam.  Or leave out.

Mid-way talk (Lung and Breath focused more) October 4th 7:30PM (is part of Make Your Dreams Come True Group – see this link)
Attendees will walk away with inspiration, information about how the lungs and colon fit into the entire bodies functions, and will feel confident in the support to go deeper in their health.  This is a phone talk.

Final Talk October 21st 6-7pm at Health Alkemy office
How to end a cleanse, or a fast?  This is a question I often get.  How can I keep the goodness I feel going AFTER the cleanse?  Attendees will walk away knowing and maintaining the confidence to overcome the obstacles out there.

Number to call 605-562-3140
Code for our group live call = 796922
Recorded call = 605-562-3149
Pick up of products is at office or we can ship to your location.  We can arrange for drop off outside office door or downstairs at Sawyer Chiro.
If you want to start the cleanse late, then this is possible too.

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