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There is a free live talk Sunday night August 27th 5:45PM to 6PM.  Q and A after.  The talk and questions will be recorded and can be found here afterwards. – Call number (712) 770-4160 (playback recorded talk (712) 770-4169 + participant code = 796922 for either.


Our Amazing Gut!

Our amazing gut!

We’ve had a Boot Camp Cleanse summer, with two 21 day rounds of varying levels of cleansers taking on the challenge!  it is the perfect time to cleanse our small intestine.  Why?  Our body has a natural “clock” or biorhythm, and summer is when our heart and small intestine have the most dominance according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).   Inspired by this, we have been leading group cleanses regularly throughout the year.

In these Summer cleanses, there are three aspects we focus on:

1. Clear out digestive system of waste,

2. Clear the sludge/pathogens from the portal veins that go to the liver

3. Establish healthier gut lining, flora, and bowel movements.

This cleanse can be done online or meeting with the group on a daily email or Facebook page.  It’s in person, phone, computer, or even access the recording.

We have gathered together a broad spectrum of products and protocols from the best companies out there:  Arise and Shine, Standard Process, Premier Research Labs and more!  Through test assessments of your tongue, eyes, adrenal function, body type, symptoms, and goals we will find which cleansing protocol is perfect for YOU as you are right NOW!   Ask us about our iris or sclera “MRI’s” if you send us photos – we can determine your needs quickly and easily.

In every group cleanse we lead, we see the benefits of the personalization of each cleanse and cleanser.    Customizing the cleanse to our individual needs and seasonal influences leads to better results!  No boring menus or deprivation here.   Our bodies need different things at different times.  This is the kind of support we can offer you during HEALTH ALKEMY’S 21 DAY CLEANSE!  And all Summer long in and out of “Boot Camp” to get our intestines, flora, circulation, auto-immune, and other long-term and short-term patterns fixed.

Get your gut in gear for the summer and beyond! Learn new lifestyle techniques to get the most out of your meals and your body.

All our bodies systems rely on our gut for nourishment. Our affects our immune system, brain function, mood, and is the foundation for the entire body (of health).

All our bodies systems rely on our gut for nourishment. Our affects our immune system, brain function, mood, and is the foundation for the entire body (of health).

  • Highlights of this cleanse: (three-part summer boot camp –  first two rounds are over, but this last round can be your Summer close-out to fix deep issues.  There are 3 levels of cleansers, if you’ve never done one, then we suggest taking the supplements, dong the Level I challenges, and following the wider dietary guidelines.  There are weekly and daily challenges, including fasting on water, juices, liquid calories, yoga, breathing exercises, special foods and preparations, and some fun self-inquiry.+Warm weather foods – more raw, and liquid diet on some days – for those who can.  Flexibility is built into the system.  Some will be challenged to try short fasts, and others will be nurtured with rest and soft music recommends.+Custom binding agents like food-grade clays with herbs, and soluble fibers.+Anti-fungal and microbial herbs, some grown or gathered by Craig, and raw food supplements for your needs

    +Metabolic support if necessary via herbal formulations and raw food concentrates.

    +Modified “nerve or endocrine” protocols for those who want to cleanse but are too weak to.  We love to do “weed and feeds” for those underweight and worried about getting enough calories.

    +Intestinal and liver procedures – options from gall bladder flushes, to coffee enemas, to strong anti-parasite herbs, strong bitters, blood sugar herbs – we find out what your needs are first.

    +We have new testing methods offered to help even better customize this cleanse!

Contact us for booking – healthalkemy@gmail.com or call 831-325-3174

Location: Sawyer Chiropractic Building, Health Alkemy upstairs, 720 River Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Fill out intake forms in person or over the internet, pick up your products, and take a set of photos for assessment prior to cleanse starting.   Optional full vitality exam ($25 extra).

We are providing space by our entire office cleansing all summer during each of these 21 day protocols.  Level I cleansing makes for long-term biofilm change, gut lining healed, pathogens loosened from the pockets of sludge, portal circulation back to liver working properly, liver and gall bladder circulation and function working better, and more.  Many will see miraculous results with auto-immune issues.

Level II of cleansing is meant to get deeper into the portal circulation, into the liver and gall bladder, and for those who have done some cleansing before, they can shoot for parasite clearing, candida “mother” exiting, and pathogen’s being uprooted from their gut encampments.  Beginners will shoot for continued dissolving of the gut biofilm and greater health.  We will be offering chances to get probiotic foods on the body, in the body, and detoxing all the orifices like sinuses, ears, and more.  Each stage of this cleanse builds on the next, but anyone can start anytime!

3. BOOT CAMP ROUND III – August 27 – September 17, last round of Boot Camp.  We unlayer many parts of gut waste in our biofilm and these three together greatly accelerate healing from” Candida, IBS, leaky gut, dysbiosis, Constipation, Diarrhea (Crohn’s), parasites, food allergies intolerances, and auto-immunity.
For those who have cleansed a bit in their lives, this is the round we push, it’s warm and perfect for enemas, parasite herbs, anti-fungals.   Short fasts are encouraged, enemas, various yogic techniques proven helpful at Health Alkemy.

The price is $299 and includes products and herbs for each cleanse round.

“Your first wealth is your health.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson




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720 River Street
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