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Health Events/Classes with Craig Lane & Health Alkemy Team

Do you want to eat healthy and not know what to make? Don’t know where to start? Let Health Alkemy’s cooking classes provide new and delicious recipe options. We offer regular health talks that provide insights and tips into how to navigate health.

Come and learn in this fun, interactive environment.



 Classes available & Events:


Spring Liver Cleanse

Join us in cleansing and supporting your liver! This up coming Liver cleanse is one of many in Health Alkemy’s seasonal cleansing series; which focuses on a dominate organ at it’s optimal time of year to purify, group support, completely personalized cleanse custom made for your body’s needs, supplements and herbs that are supportive and restorative, and a wealth of knowledge on liver.  You may find that what you learn here will change your life and your eating habits!

Clean your body, clear your mind.  For more information please contact the office.  Click here to secure your spot today!


Herbal Excursion! We’re going camping!


We are taking a field trip up to Mendocino National Forest, to learn about and collect herbs. We will be camping three days, and two nights. Talks and walks will be guided by Health Alkemy’s Craig Lane, certified herbalist and nutritionist. We are exploring the properties of the herbs and you will be learning your personal relationship with nature through your connection with the plants and animals.

…and we never know what kind of unforeseen surprises mother nature will present to us.

Get ready for some fun facts and good times to be shared by all.

Suggested donation of $100

No one will be turned away – so give what you can

Reserve your spot today!


Food Intolerance/Allergy Solution Based Seminar

This four week seminar will help anyone struggling with digestive issues, allergies, immune problems, low energy, headaches, and more!  The seminar can be done via the web.  We assess each person via questionnaires, take careful food journals, take assessment paramaters like photographs of tongue and eyes, and optionally to work with lab results.

The seminar works with The Coca Pulse testing method, Food Elimination programs, Muscle Testing, and Energy/Symptom Monitoring.  Over the three weeks, clients will have a better idea of what their triggers are, how to navigate them, what to take via supplements and herbs, what to avoid, and even make homeopathic remedies themselves. Easy!
Included in the price is $50 retail value of food supplements and/or herbs.  Simply watch the YouTube video and browse through the Powerpoints.  Focus will be on gut restoration, flora balance, liver detox, drainage of poisons, identification of blood type if possible, balancing blood sugar, and your participation in a life changing month!
All for $249!


 We are here to offer support for you on an individual basis as well.

Nutritional Typing

Visit this page for a free nutritional typing test


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