Rich Food Sources of Nutrients


This list of nutrients was compiled from at least three reliable sources, over a year’s period.  It was taken from Dr. Royal Lee, Bernard Jensen, the USDA food database, Dr. Duke’s database, and from my own experience.

Feel free to use this as you need.


Rich Food Sources of Nutrients

Nutrient Sources Sources Sources
Vitamin A *** Sweet potato Fish-liver oils *** Butter ***
Carotene needs fat Dark green vegetables Beef liver *** Yellow & orange veggies
For conversion to Carrots Egg Yolk *** Dandelion greens/root
Vitamin A Berries, apricots Spirulina, Chlorella, Blue green algae Chilies
Vitamin B complex Brewers/nutritional yeast Desiccated liver Sunflower seeds
Liver Wheat germ (fresh only!) Nuts/seeds (soaked)
Vitamin B1 Thiamine Yeasts Wheat germ Sunflower seeds
Rice bran Pine nuts & soybeans Peanuts w/skins
Vitamin B2 Riboflavin Wheat germ Wild Rice Mushrooms
Vitamin B2 Riboflavin Yeasts Liver Almonds
Vitamin B4 Wheat germ oil Raw B-vitamin foods
Vitamin B3 Niacin Beef heart Fish Liver
Mushrooms Peanuts Wheat bran
Muscle meats Yeasts Rice bran
Vitamin B6 Pyrodoxine Molasses Eggs Ferment of yeast
Seeds & nuts Soybeans & brown rice Whole-grain products
Fresh fruits & vegetables Sunflower seeds Toasted wheat germ
Vitamin B12 Cheese Eggs Sardines
Liver Whole milk Clams/Oysters
Kidneys Meat/fish Dried whey
Vitamin B15 Pangemic Acid Brown rice Liver Pumpkin seeds
Sesame seeds Sunflower seeds Rice bran
Biotin Walnuts Peanut butter Organ & Muscle meats
Soybeans Unpolished rice Whole-grain products
Sardines and salmon Yeasts Beef Liver
Choline Whole milk Cauliflower Eggs
Muscle meats Coffee Peanuts
Beef Liver and Steak Yeasts Lecithin
Folic Acid Desiccated liver Green leafy vegetables Legumes
Liver Muscle  meats Yeasts
Asparagus Rice and wheat germ Nuts/seeds
Lecithin Apples / Oranges Peanuts Beef steak
Liver & eggs Soybeans Cauliflower
Pantothenic Acid Beans, dry Cheese Eggs
Mushrooms Peanuts Soybeans
Liver Yeasts Peas
PABA Eggs Liver Milk
Rice bran Rye Wheat germ
Molasses Yeasts
Vitamin C Rose hips Citrus fruits Green leafy vegetables
Parsley Tomatoes Raw potato
Green peppers Acerola berry Red chili peppers
Broccoli Brussels sprouts
Vitamin D Fish liver oil Butter Eggs
Liver Milk Saltwater fish
Vitamin E Wheat germ Wheat germ oil Leafy green vegetables
Avocado Nuts & legumes Raw vegetable oils
Sweet potato Whole-grain products Asparagus
Vitamin F Fish liver oil Unsaturated beef fats Avocados
Nuts Salad dressings Sunflower seeds
Vitamin G Yeasts Brains Sprouted grains
Liver Wheat germ and oil


Rich Food Sources of Nutrients

Nutrient Sources Sources Sources
Vitamin K Watercress Oats and Wheat Alfalfa, spinach, cabbage
Green leafy vegetables Asparagus Green tea
Vitamin P Bioflavanoids Berries Ripe produce Citrus pulp
Quercetin, cyanidins, Bee pollen Onions, garlic Grape seeds
Polyphenols, PCO’s Green teas Red wine Parsley
Chlorine Seaweed (kelp, dulse) Leafy green vegetables Clams, Oysters
Raw goat milk, garlic Olives, avocado, cucumber Watermelon Sardines, fish
Asparagus, watercress Green bell peppers Turnip, leek, lentils
Sodium Kelp, wakame Beets & carrots Green leafy vegetables
Fermented beverages Okra, spinach, lettuce spirulina
Sea foods Sea salt celery
Potassium Molasses Citrus fruits & figs Fish & meat
Watercress Whole-grain products Fresh fruits and veggies
Avocado Potato Lima beans
Magnesium Wheat germ, rice bran & kelp Nuts, watermelon seeds Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds
(raw egg yolks) Figs, flax seeds, fennel seeds Barley, rye, corn, Raw greens, sesame, poppy
Molasses, grapefruit coconut, agar agar Cilantro, basil, celery seeds
Sulfur Nuts & seeds Soybeans Sea foods
Eggs Beans Cabbage
Cabbage family veggies Garlic/onions Flesh foods
Zinc Split peas Fish / oysters Liver
Milk & eggs Ginger Pumpkin seeds
Whole grains Nuts/seeds Pecans
Iron Blackstrap Molasses Brewer’s yeast Liver
Sunflower seeds Millet Muscle & organ meats
Wheat germ/bran Parsley Sea vegetables
Prunes Almonds Clams
Manganese Beets Dried peas & beans Egg yolks
Green leafy vegetables Nuts/seeds Whole-grain products
Copper Dried peas & beans Egg yolks Liver
Prunes Shrimp / shellfish Whole-grain products
Nuts/seeds Buckwheat Butter
Silicon White onion Oats Grasses
Radishes Calmyra figs Grains
Root vegetables Oatstraw Horsetail
Calcium Raw Bone meal Cheese Brazil nuts
Green leafy vegetables Raw or cultured milk Yogurt
Sea vegetables Figs Carob
Almonds Yeasts Parsley
Phosphorus Bone meal Dried peas & beans Eggs
Meat & Fish Nuts & sunflower seeds Whole-grains
Millk/dairy Squashes sprouts
Trace Minerals (50-80) Bone meal Yeasts Leafy greens
Salt water fish Whole grains Kelp/seaweeds
Celtic sea salt Himilayan salts Unrefined salts
Iodine Seaweed (Kelp, dulse) Dried beans Wheat
Mushrooms Sea foods Spinach
Chromium Yeasts Liver Whole wheat
Rye Potato Green pepper
Apple Butter Parsnips
Selenium Wheat germ Brazil nuts Oats
Whole wheat Red Swiss Chard Barley
Orange juice Turnips Garlic
Flourine Bone meal Rose hips Sea vegetables
Cabbage, endive Mineral water Ocean fish Unrefined sea salts
avocado quince Goat milk


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