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This is from my Embodied Health Newsletter,  November 2009hummingbird0011

“There are many other things to help with the over-reported and over-dramaticized swine flu.  I have links available to MD’s who disagree with its use, and I have products and herbs listed below that are very effective against viruses.  Our lifestyle and diet will help many times more than any vaccine (my opinion).  This vaccine has so much bad press, and was never tested properly by the FDA anyway (many opinions).  Do you still trust our government?  I don’t.  Anyone who gives 700 billion, yes billion, to Wall Street gamblers (the banks and corrupt companies), and gives them ZERO accountability about how they use OUR tax payer dollars, is not on my list of trustworthy people or groups.  See Michael Moore’s new movie for shocking facts!


Anti-Viral Products = MMS, Colloidal Silver, topical use of Essential oils, Standard Process products (Congaplex, Thymex, Echinacea C, Immuplex, Calcium Lactate, Cyruta plus, and Cataplex ACP), and there are many other products.  I am giving you my preferences.


Herbs/foods = Astragalus (per Andrew Weil), garlic, thyme, oregano, rosemary, honeysuckle (Yin Chiao), myrrh, Echinacea, goldenseal, garden nasturtium (greens and flower), propolis, Cedar leaves, Chapparal, Coptis, Isatis, Lomatium, Calendula flower, St. Johns Wort, raw radish taken regularly, raw vegetables, and please avoid mucus forming foods like flour products, refined sugars and salts, and heated/refined oils.

There are many other possibilities.  Herbs must be chosen with the help of someone who knows herbal medicine and can see what type of person you are and your needs.  Do not self-prescribe!


Go to this link for a pediatrician’s input about vaccines


Dr. Mercola speaks about the Swine Flu vaccine


Dr. Russell Blaylock articles and information about the vaccine and past ones.


Other MD’s against the vaccine = Dr. Bruce West, Dr. Tom Cowan, and many many others who are silent yet frustrated because they know if they speak out, as Randy Baker, ND, did in Santa Cruz, they might be harassed, called a “quack,” or even fired from their clinic or hospital.

Please do your research and investigation before being “bullied” or pressured into something you may regret later.

And please use all available information.  I am not the end-all, nor pretend to be.  Remember, most people want to do good and help, and the vaccine falls into this category.

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