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Fall 2016 A Few came in in the past weeks…
“Just wanted to say thank you for the work you’re doing for our life force and the earth. Change starts locally at the home. I felt the urge to tell you that you’re appreciated.”

Three women who were not menstruating began menstruating with diet changes, herbs, and a few supplements in less than 3 months!

July 2016 (email sent as feedback about NOT eating nuts/nut butters before bed + asking “are these nuts fresh?”)

You’re awesome!! Thank you! ! I’m felling better than I have for many, many years!! And you’ve been a huge source to help me get here!!!  🙂 . E.g. From your advice during the consult we did (2 yrs ago in April) about me finding a good place to move..we worked on panic attacks and visualizing the place I want,  and after 2 years! I’ve found an awesome place! Better than I could have imagined!! And I am in the process of moving, slowly at my pace..and drinking lots water w advice  you gave me about that. Seeing healing with that. Started back on magnesium so I have way better mod, less pain, even though I’m physically doing WAY more!!

August 2015

At 59 I live an off grid lifestyle which is quite demanding, work 10 hour days running a Hybrid Independent Study classroom, drive extra hours because of where I live, dance Samba weekly, and exercise with my dogs regularly. Thanks to Craig Lane, with right diet, supplements, cleansing, and an attitude of gratitude, I now rarely get sick even though I work in a veritable “petri dish” of students 10 months out of each year.

Craig has been my masseur for over ten years. Initially we would speak about health issues during my amazingly therapeutic massages and soon I was consulting Craig regularly about nutrition. I’ve done two 3 week cleanses through Craig and he helps me to cleanse on my own for shorter periods of time. Two of the most beneficial practices he has taught me are the importance of proper hydration and a diet that is vegetable and protein based with raw foods included in meals.  Thankfully I have Craig to help me keep up with the stresses and enjoy the beauty of life with my only true wealth… my health!

September 2014

  I sensed right away that you have an incredible well of health knowledge in your head, and a lot of caring & compassion in your heart.
Very passionate and intense…….in a good way.   I was able to be relaxed and just be myself in your space.  I’m curious to see what your recommendations are for my health.

I felt such strong energy from our hug as well.  I liked that.


 I want to tell you how great I feel. I have been following my meal plan and I feel the difference in my body and well being throughout the day. I feel light and healthy. My knee continues to pain me if I walk too much even with the supplements. I am thinking it is a nerve problem because of the way it comes on strong and then gone.  I feel so good and am loving my raw vegetables. feel good. I really appreciate all that you do and thanks for your big attention on me.


7/7/14 Life Change Testimonial

“Who would have thought one could feel so good!”

Dear Craig,
Words can not begin to express my gratefulness to you for what you have done for me since I began working with you this past february.  The changes you have encouraged me to make have helped me become an entirely new person.  I am amazed at the difference in not only my overall health, but also in the specific areas in which I came to you seeking changes!
In addition to the physical aspects, you have provided me incredible internal support. Complimenting my progress and  encouraging me to embrace all that I am.  Your unbridled enthusiasm, incredible knowledge and sincere concern for others is nothing short of amazing.  I am so thankful Dr. Sawyer insisted I attend the nutrition class.  If I had to realized the importance of attending I never would have found you.  Once again proving “everything happens for a reason.”
However, what means the very most to me is the tenderness in which you approached my trip back East to face what at the time summed a monumental task.  Because of you I was able to envelope every event and encounter with maturity, confidence and grace.  Imagine what a difference –an extra ordinary difference at that– you are making in the lives of others!  Not just anyone can weave such magic and I for one will always be thankful you came into my life.
With warmth and admiration,


Update December 2013

This came in as an email, and I wish I posted more like this:
“Aww, thank you, Craig — your message made me smile : )

And thank you for all you do all year long to help me not only feel better, but to live a better quality of life. Whether it be the way I feed my body, nourish my nervous system, or learn to live more authentically/meaningfully — you have touched my life on may levels!

Warmest blessings and deepest gratitude to you this Christmas!

Love and friendship,

Update from a 21 day cleanse.  This is from a person doing detoxification for the first time.  This was sent to me in May 2011.

The question was “Name five things you got out of your 21 day cleanse?”

1.  I made it!

2.  I was expecting to feel better and I am feeling better.  My stomach and intestines don’t hurt for the first time in ages
3.  Cravings not as challenging as I expected… eating lots of veggies is the biggest challenge… knowing what to make was also a big challenge.  (she got help here – was satisfied)
4.  I do very well when I don’t eat sugar, dairy and carbohydrates
5.  I do recommend a cleanse, although I would tell someone to be sure to join a group.  I needed the psychological support of knowing I was in it with others, to make it possible.


April 3rd update

I just got an email from a young lady, a client who has really taken the program into its fullness.  And like those who do, she got the first major hurdle after months of work and effort and supplementation.  She had unrelenting foot pain for years, after the medical people did their number on her, too much to say.  But here is her statement, “Guess what the pain in my right foot is pretty much gone I can move it including my toes, it is like this presser is off my foot. It happened this morning it was like something popped and it was gone. I am soooooo happy 😀 one foot to go.”

Name left out


This was a testimonial from a client in inner turmoil (name held off)

Tell Me Everything’s Going to Be Okay. February 2011

Today I went to see my nutritionist, a fantastic holistic health practitioner, who also happens to be a friend, for what I labeled an “emergency appointment.” Well intentioned, but misguided, the stress of the divorce, increased workload, single-parenting and even house work summoned my inner bulimic behaviors for coping assistance. They perched on my shoulders like two little demons: Binge and Purge. Binge told me to soothe with food— yes, that would heal my pain. “Grab the chocolate! Mix sugar with the peanut butter! Search for forgotten Halloween candy!” it bellowed. The compulsions were strong and seemed rational… I was really stressed right? And eating about it wasn’t the end of the world, I mean at least I wasn’t (insert illegal activity). It was just food.

Next Purge chimed in. Taunting me with shame and self-loathing, the voice urged me to vomit and erase the damage I’d done by over-eating. “Do it, do it, DO IT!” it screamed. I was so tempted but knew from experience that it would only make me feel worse.

Like a child with my eyes shut tight and my hands over my ears, I tried to block these ideas and find my own inner voice of reason. The next thought was to contact my nutritionist and save myself. I was so out of balance and I needed help.

While visiting with him I briefly summarized the events that brought me there. He reviewed my chart and reminded me of some of the key components of my healing. Yes, I knew them. Take my B’s, eat more beets and radishes, steer clear of sugars. Aside from a few fresh recipes, none of what he said was new. But talking with him provided accountability. It also showed me I wasn’t in this alone. No longer were my secrets secret. He saw the floodgate of tears through my fake smile as soon as I said hello. With him I felt safe, I let down my guard, stopped pretending I was okay and got real.

When the appointment was over he asked if there was anything else he could do for me. Fighting back more repressed tears I summoned the courage to ask for what I desperately wanted. I asked if he would please tell me that everything was going to be okay.

His response gave me more than I even hoped for. He took my hand in his, looked in my eyes and said, “… everything IS okay, and deep down inside there’s a part of you that knows that. You don’t need to look toward the future for a time when things will be okay because they are just as they’re supposed to be right now. You are okay and always will be.”

And right then I remembered what I’d forgotten in this storm of chaos. Everything is okay– right now, always has been. I am okay– always have been. Sometimes the dust storm around me clouds my vision and sidetracks my attention, but the truth remains. Everything is okay. I don’t need to revisit faulty coping mechanisms or ignore them either. I simply need to be with what is, especially the pain, the uncertainty and the angst. Only by experiencing it fully can I make it through successfully. And through each part of this process I know everything is okay.


Feb 24,2011- Sharon allen Kramer

About four years ago at the age of 58, I was diagnosed with a heart condition which brought about multiple cardiac tests and ultimate dosage of various medications which seemed to alleviate some of my symptoms but created unwelcome side effects.  Realizing that these medications were treating only the symptoms and not the cause, after a couple of years at my daughter’s recommendation, I sought Craig’s help and discovered how out of balance my body was.  Over time with his support and nutritional guidance, I have been able to wean myself off most of the medications I was previously taking and am finding a path to better health every day.  Craig’s knowledge of the inner workings of the body never cease to amaze me, as he has helped me with issues other than my heart as well.  I have found Craig to be a loving and supportive guide in my quest for improved health and greater energy and would encourage anyone in need to seek his guidance.

Sharon Allen-Kramer


This is an audio testimonial from a student and originally a client

testimonial feb 2010


“You are the most gifted healer I have ever encountered.  I am so grateful.”

Maria Wayne, long-time client 2009


To whom it may concern,
Craig Lane has helped me to choose a true path of healing and guide me away from destructive habits and the harmful recommendations of the medical industry. This is a story about my body becoming useless at the age of 31 and how Craig empowered me to take my healing into my own hands, and open my eyes to the simple truth that has set me free.

For several years I had hip pain, sometimes so severe that walking was painful and I was diagnosed with bursitis. At one point, I was in so much pain that I could no longer perform my job, so I had an MRI. It turned out that my hips were nearing the final stages of collapse due to high doses of Prednizone that I took during an onset of a rare, life-threatening disease called ITP that I battled a few years ago. During my ITP episode, the doctors somehow forgot to mention that high doses of this drug leads to an average of 20,000 hip replacements a year.

Basically, my hips were deteriorating due to blood loss to the femur head and I could barely walk. The first specialist that I saw said there was nothing I could do, except hip replacement surgery which only lasts 15-20 years. The second opinion from Stanford was the same depressing news, and to make things worse, I noticed many bruises on my body during my exam. I said to myself “Not again… please God, not again”.  And sure enough I inherited a third episode of ITP.  Western doctors’ first line of treatment for ITP is large doses of Prednizone, and since this was no longer an option for me, the hematologist said he would have to remove my spleen.

I didn’t want to let doctors decide how to “cure” me anymore so I went to see Craig Lane, a healer and nutritionist. The level of genuine care, time and energy that Craig had put into thinking and researching my condition, was truly uplifting, and so different from the usual impersonalized rush treatment in clinics and hospitals. He proceeded to tell me more about my condition, it’s causes, and cures… so much more clear, well researched information than the doctors had ever given me. He reassured me that with the proper nutrition, the human body will regenerate bone, and that the root cause of autoimmune diseases are usually due to an imbalance in the gut. He empowered me with a detailed, personalized diet plan, outlining every single thing I should and should not eat, as well as special exercises for my hips.

A couple of days later, I canceled my surgery appointment, and worked out a deal with my family practitioner who allowed me to get blood tests on demand.  A couple days later I received a frightening letter from the blood specialist that basically said if I don’t get my spleen taken I will probably die, signed “Regretfully”, and the doctors name.

I stayed strong, and followed Craig’s recommendations. The next week, my blood platelet count shot up to normal and my ITP was cured. The pain in my hips decreased steadily as my body began to repair itself as a result of my new cleansing, and nutrient-rich diet plan. I am now healthy and enjoy a wonderful life, free from pins, scars, drugs, and outstanding hospital bills. It’s hard to believe that it only took two visits to Craig’s office, to turn the gloom and depression into personal healing and empowerment. I can work pain-free, hike, mountain bike, and play with my child. I hope that my story inspires others to break free of “regretful” practices and to choose the path of healing and vitality.  – Charlie Dearie  11/11/07

I am a Financial Officer of a large corporation in Santa Cruz County for the last thirteen years. I was recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and had a horrible flare-up that had me going to the bathroom every ½ hour along with internal bleeding from the ulcers lining my colon. My family physician recommended that I seek out the nutritional advice of Craig Lane in Santa Cruz at shivawarrior.com. After learning a lot from Craig about nutrition, I changed my diet and vitamin supplements based on his vast knowledge and experience in this area. I am still working with Craig who is very caring and really gets into the unique aspects of the causes of my disease and comes up with therapies, nutrients, and food to help my healing process.


Due to my incapacitating illness, I hired students of Craig’s, Kelly Dearie and Julianne Boyajain, who under Craig’s direction have a service that can cook food specifically tailored for my condition. This service called www.sustainablenut.org has been an integral part of my healing process where my recovery, although not yet 100%, has been nothing short of miraculous.

By hiring ‘www.sustainablenut.org I have noticed that they have taken the nutritional information I had been given and made, and still make it, practical and easy for me on a day-to-day basis by cooking my dinner, usually three days at a time, and providing it for me two times a week.

The food is organic, natural, made with both care and consciousness, nutritious, geared for my particular condition and tastes really good. I find that the people from ‘www.sustainablenut.org are open to a variety of different foods to keep it interesting for me, although I can still only eat a limited amount of foods due to the nature of my illness and the associated dietary healing requirements. They treat food as medicine.

I couldn’t recommend their service more highly than I am in this testimonial, as it is clearly helping with my healing, teaching me about nutritional concepts and making them practical. This is a service that is affordable, educational, and nutritious. The people providing the service from ‘www.sustainablenut.org, currently Kelly and Julianne, are both very caring individuals who will make adjustments based on my requests and I refer to them as part of my healing support team that I call my “healing angels” due to the obvious help in my healing recovery that I am obtaining from their services.

Dear Craig,
In part I have you to thank for this. I got the best birthday present ever this morning completely by surprise. The kids went down about exactly 8:00 last night and fell right to sleep. Around 9:00 pm I did a glass of hotwater with two dropper fulls of the sleepy herbs you gave. I was out by 10:00 and didn’t wake at all until 7:15 this morning! The kids slept through the night in their own beds, I didn’t hear Jim leave for work and even Sage slept WAY LATER than his usual 6:00 am time. It was truly a gift of treasure that is the best night sleep I have had in about 4 years! And totally unexpected. Perhaps the sleepy herbs put in me in such deep slumber that the energy of my coma state played on them a little too and they just followed suit? Who knows. Whatever, I am grateful. So, thank you for your part in this. What a great tincture! I will definitely need to go see him soon! – Cheers, Paula Queathem


Thank you so much for all the herbs and pills you gave me, they are really helping my sinus infection a lot. Thanks again. – Elijah Feb, 19, 2009


Hi Craig,
Just wanting to express my appreciation of your responsiveness. Your energy itself is healing. Thank you. I look forward to our meeting tomorrow. Peace.
– Dee Davidson 11/24/08


Hello Craig,
Thank you so much for the amazing presentation this evening. I learned a great deal and enjoyed the interaction with others. I also appreciated the sequential training and recipe sharing and special effort you created in the kitchen. The drinks, appetizers and dinner were all very tasty and nutritional…just right for the first evening of February. I was happy to meet you and am delighted that such a possibility exists. Until we have another chance to connect, have a wonderful life. Your friend, – Nancy 2/1/09


Hi Craig,
Thank you very much for all you do. I appreciate your service. It is very important and good for our souls to be of service to others. I want to tell you that there is a significant change in my health which has affected my mood and my out look on life. Great Spirit answered my prayer and knew I was ready for change. It started with meeting Julianne, talking with Dr. Cowan, getting the Nourishing Traditions book and four fold path, then my recommendation to you from Julianne. Thank you for hanging in there with me. As time passes and I incorporate everything I learn it shows me I am on the right path because it is living proof. sincerely, – Rachel 2/6/09


Dear Craig,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: “I have researched and explored various wholistic health modalities over the years. I am extremely impressed with Craig’s depth, awareness and experience with all of the major systems and approaches that wholistically address the greater view of health and life. Craig is a rare and compassionate resource in assisting anyone towards wellness and vitality. Craig is a vast resource of knowledge and here to serve. If you are truly interested in health and wellness, you will be hard pressed to find a more well rounded health and nutritional consultant.” – Paul Robbin 2008


Hi Craig,
I wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know that I thought you did a great job presenting for us a couple weeks ago. There are a lot of people that really enjoyed your presentation! By chance, I was wondering if you remembered the name of the plant that you were eating during the presentation. I had some employees interested.  Thanks! – Nickole Sutter, Wellness Coordinator, City of San Luis Obispo


Dear Craig,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: “I’ve worked with Craig a few times and my life has changed because of it. He has combined all the best parts of western and alternative nutrition which gives him a fantastic holistic approach to healing. Craig researches and studies everything. He experiments on his own body so he can speak from experience. – Jenna Healy


To whom it may concern,
I highly recommend consulting Craig for mild or severe disease and also to improve your quality of life. The digestive system is the gate keeper to our life force and must be in balance for optimal health.” – 2004


Dear Craig,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: “Craig knows a lot about health and walks his talk.” – Randy Om 2008


Hi Craig,
Thank you for including me in your newsletter distribution list.  I think it is an excellent newsletter with the combination of good writing style and quality information.  – Justin J. Toal, President and Authorized Distributor, Standard Process of Northern California, Inc.

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