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My Healing Process – representation of all our archetypal healing | Health Alkemy

My Healing Process – representation of all our archetypal healing

How My Healing Unfolded – A Three stage process:
Note – I offer this as a way for my clients to see how healing can occur, and some of the general attributes of healing we all share, indicated with a (*) before or after the statement.

I) The Ending of my First Life and Beginning of the Second (*Letting go so the new can come in)
I lived the American dietary lifestyle, which means I ate processed foods, convenience foods, and very little vegetables (though I knew I needed them).  I consumed a lot of sweets, chips, a lot of carbs.  At one point, I would eat close to 4,000-5,000 calories at a single sitting!  Then I would usually pass out in a close to drunken stupor.  I thought these foods made me happy.  But I needed to change.  I had a food addiction to suppress my emotions*.

Change came at age 21, I broke my neck in a car accident.  I had been a daily surfer, a very devoted athlete.  My doc said my life was over as I knew it.  He did not offer hope to ever surf again.  However, I knew the motivation for healing had to come from within*.  I began making slow and steady diet changes, (adding more vegetables) and practiced yoga as much as I could.  It changed my foundation.  But I was not fully committed.*  And I began the next phase of my life.

II) Seeking, Seeing, and Surrender (*effort, explorations, will, and self-love)
I had horrible allergies, was moody, craved sweets so bad that I would eat them until passing out on the couch, as mentioned earlier.  I was literally drunk.

I thought being a vegan would help, so I tried that for 12-24 months at age 29-31.  I tried almost everything.  I eventually added in some animal foods and observed that I felt more energy, I had better blood sugar regulation, and more stamina.  I had been drinking soy milk daily, eating soy and grains a lot, and of course my share of  sweet treats.  Yet  I had also added leafy greens, excellent dressings and sauces, and was trying new vegetables once a week as a goal.  One day, there was a huge shift via a dream* (the need to pay attention to details in our inner process).

I knew food was part of my healing, and began doing enemas, green juices, cleansing, and continued changes in my diet.  I called this phase “efforting.”  It took monumental will-power to overcome the cravings, but I did.  For periods at least.

It was like being on a roller coaster, one day easy, the next, very hard*.  And there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to when I would feel rotten versus good.  Why?

III) Unlayering, Revealing, and Arriving More and More*
I began this last phase about my 40th birthday.  Most of us face many layers of healing, if only in how we relate to others and the world.  But the one that is missed is how we relate to our inner world.

I had suffered allergies for so long, and digestive problems too.  Though they were both 90% better, there were still triggers.  I knew and sensed that I was numb in my emotions, nothing felt charged or passionate.  Food was becoming just another thing to do.

So I began another deeper process of both letting go of some deep food attachments, which seemed to trigger some realizations.  I left fruit out of my life mostly for a year, and did an elimination of wheat for a month, then added it back to see how allergic I was to it.  I had eaten wheat daily for most of my life.  Upon re-introduction, I felt fine the next day, but two days after, I got what appeared to be a “cold.”  So I did two more wheat eliminations followed by adding it back and both times I got sick.

I also learned about the Healing Crisis*.  When doing 8-10 oz of wheat grass a day, with anti-fungal herbs, low carb diet, and no fruit, I got what appeared to be a “herpes sore/rash” on my lower groin.  I also developed a runny nose and itchy eyes EVERY TIME I ate fruit after that year off.  I had really smelly armpits, so bad my shirts had to be specially cleaned.  I had explosive BM’s.  But my energy was good and I needed to sleep less.

During this time, I was pointed towards Sally Fallon and Nourishing Traditions cookbook, along with the Weston A Price foundation and his investigation into food and health around the world.  I felt very validated in eating flesh foods again, and leaving grains and carbs to a 90% lower level.  My health began improving rapidly after this.

A few years after this, I was introduced to the work of Dr. Royal Lee and Standard Process Inc, a food supplement company founded by him in 1930.  I was NEVER into supplements, but after five years of using these products, and seeing “miracles” with clients with them, I am convinced of what Royal Lee said in 1950, “we are feeding people poisons (meds, drugs and synthetic isolates, or drug-like vitamin pills) in trying to treat the reactions of starvation.”  These raw food concentrates did the final healing of my gut and allergies.  My adrenals healed.  My liver began to unload old stuff from childhood vaccinations, antibiotics, and fungal toxins.

I knew this to be true, as old memories surfaced, and blood/lab work showed pretty good results.  The memories were of trauma’s* and suppressed emotions* I could not “digest” at that point in my life.  After being able to see them more clearly, I could feel some layers lifting, a lightness came*.  I felt more whole.  I could skip meals without a blood sugar crisis*.

In closing, we are never completely complete.  I see this in my work and life.  We dance our dance, we fall and pick ourselves up, then dance some more.  We sleep, then we wake.  It is all a cycle.  And as Don Juan, Carlos Casteneda’s teacher once said to him, “All of life is a circle, what you once saw will come around again.  Therefore the only path that is worthwhile is a path with heart.”


My current self-care routine: (suggested to most clients)

*Daily yoga and breathing exercises – even if only five minutes, mostly 30-60 minutes though.

*Daily quiet time – meditation, sitting in the sun, breaks from the busy day

*Proper food combining most of the time, but eating out and as a guest I will let go and just go for it – I take extra enzymes and gut support during those meals.

*Smaller meals.

*Weekly massage/touch of some sort -connection

*Dry skin brushing daily, and laughter (I watch something funny every day)

*Once a week have a prep ½ day for sauces, bone broth, beet kvass, kitchen fun, and special foods/shopping

*Committed to spending whatever money I have on the best food, and spend ZERO on OTC meds, I have missed very few day’s work for 17 years, except accidents.

*Committed to devotion to one woman.

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