What We Do

What we do

Craig-smile4smallweb Imagine you take vitamin D, or zinc.  Did you ask yourself what this one isolated nutrient actually is?  What its helping nutrients are that are only found in nature and whole foods?  What it might imbalance by taking it?  What offsets this imbalance?  We can guarantee you that most people do not think about this.  Enter me, The Health Alchemist.  We offer ways to come to health in wholesome ways, through foods and herbs and special tonics, whether they be supplements made FROM FOOD (not from coal tar waste, chemical and petrochemical by-products, or from corn starch from GMO corn), or from special preparations.

How we do it

Imagine now you go about your daily eating.  Most of us eat foods that have an inherent energy, like hot, cold, or drying.  And most do not know how to navigate and use foods instead of having food use us.  Many of us eat foods that act like kindling on a fire, they burn hot and bright quickly, but leave soon and leave us without long-term support.  This more of what we do.

We help people change by monitoring their diet, giving them “homework” to set health goals, and find ways to love food more, love our bodies more, love our relationships with food and ourselves more.  We also offer ways to experiment safely with food changes, and see how you react, which tells us alot.

We give a packet of information with all the things I see that need to be focused on, like these vegetables, and avoid these.  We also give a comprehensive health assessment, detailing what I found in our first visit.  That first visit is going over the intake forms, examining the iris, tongue, pulses, touching points to determine pain and discomfort, using old medical techniques like orthostatic blood pressure, temperature, and more.  This is very comprehensive.
We also am offering Health Support Groups this year, a place where people can gather for support, learn cooking and simple self-care, and even get support via chat rooms, and over the internet and phone if need be.

Herbs we grow – we have three categories of herbs we sell.  As plants have consciousness, and our founder Craig Lane has relationships with many of these plants for over 20 years!  Our first-line herbs are grown personally by Craig Lane and the team.  The next line of herbs is “wild-crafted” from the mountains, the ocean areas, meadows in nature (our St. John’s Wort is picked on June 21st – on St. Johns Day!), or clean Nature areas.  The last category is organic herbs bought from reliable sourcing for quality and results.  Go here for more info – HerbalBest

Supplements we use – Our primary provider of guaranteed raw food concentrates grown on high quality soil since 1929.  No health company can claim to be around this long that is family owned and verifiable results over 80 years.  We use 2-3 other companies chosen for their consciousness, their quality, and their results.

Highlights of Our Practice:

  • Classes are two – three hour segments with sample food offerings.  Handouts in classes and personal sessions include recipes and well-used, practical information.
  • We stress what doctors did before the 1940’s, the importance of detoxification of the intestines, and cleansing diets – with practical ways to do such.  This is why our gut biology and keeping our “internal garden” clean is so important.
  • Our website and email newsletters cover various health myths like cholesterol, including what has happened to medicine and health care in the last 80 years.
  • Our experience has shown the value of raw and fermented foods for good digestion, health, and immune functions.
  • Learn from a health professional that embodies what he teaches, will do health detective work, and comes from the heart.

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720 River Street
River Street Wellness Center, Unit 4
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 325-3174


  • Monday-Friday 12:00PM - 4:00 PM
  • Two Sundays/month (by appointment/phone)

Contact us at healthalkemy@gmail.com for more details.


720 River Street
River Street Wellness Center, Unit 4
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 325-3174
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